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How does a team event become a green event?

A “Green Event” is an event which has especially sustainable planning, organisation and implementation. Included in this is also climate friendly catering or incentives for the participants and environmentally friendly transport. At green events, consideration is often shown for social and economic sustainability, like inclusive aspects or fair and transparent prices.

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How do you organise a green team event?

It begins with the format: will the team event be carried out in the online, hybrid or classic style? An online team event uses the least resources, only electricity for the computer is necessary. If this electricity can be regenerated through renewable energy, the green team event is almost perfect.

Especially at team building processes, it is often crucial for team members to come together and the energy and emotion become palpable in the room. Then, the most resources are used during getting there and getting back – and this is also possible to be reduced through a hybrid event! By choosing this option, the teams only travel short distances and meet regionally in small groups. The small groups are tuned in together using online technology. Through this, a unified feeling is created in the group – and at the same time, precious energy is saved.

And if the Green Team event takes place like it normally does? Then there is still the option to donate to a climate protection organisation as a good deed.

A sustainable waste concept and regional, seasonal catering can also be further aspects of a Green Team event. Last but not least, it is important to specifically plan the communication before, during and after the event. As the Green Event has the biggest effect when all participants really understand why each and every measure has been taken.

Why even choose a Green Event?

Well – the necessity to protect the environment is obvious. We at BITOU think that the event industry should also do their part to contribute. Above all, team events offer the potential, through the number of participants alone, for good ideas to have a sustainable effect and also be passed on.

Which Green Events does BITOU offer?

We all have scrutinised our team events and reduced the use of resources drastically. This is why at BITOU team events, there is practically no waste – and if there is any, it is recycled. Here are some concrete examples:

Our soap boxes used to be disposable construction sets – now they are reusable construction sets, only the broken parts are replaced. Single use: recycled corrugated board for the side cladding and water soluble emulsion paint in order to paint on the corrugated board.

Our future city used to be built on a disposable ridged foam board – today we used reusable screen printing boards. The use is limited to the covering and paper.

At the team event Chain Reaction, we usually only use tape, some balloons and cable ties. At the team event Rollercoaster, only four cable ties are used per participant, at Adventure Everest, Change, Before Mars, Team Training Offline, Rome, Planetray Saga, Talk to Survive, Stonehenge, one to three pages are used per participant. And at the following team events there is no use of materials at all: Haka, Smart City Challenge, Rocket Building Cars, One Way Out, Highland Games, Team Mopoly, SOS Team Escape Outdoor, Hotel Game.


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