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Making online meetings active

Long online meetings can be tiring. Especially if the team is not used to virtual working days. Or when new employees start – despite all of the advantages of meeting virtually, personal, direct contact is missing. Which impulses and ideas are there to make online meetings a more lively? The motivational impulses from team building breathe fresh air into online meetings and contribute to a good, cooperative, efficient and ultimately nicer way to work virtually.

Green Impulse Escape Game Eindruecke

This is how you can create active online meetings:

  • Make virtual teams familiar with each other
  • Create a sense of fun through working digitally
  • Loosen up dry online meetings
  • Despite the distance, create team spirit
  • Have a surprising interlude or finish for online meetings as a thank you to the team

BITOU offers different team building formats to give online meetings a special team building character. Three examples:

Petscha Kutscha Online
45-90 minutes

Petscha Kutscha Online

The thought of a presentation can cause beads of sweat to form on the foreheads of some, whereas others kick back and relax with a smile. According to Petscha Kutscha, this unfairness is over – well, it will be a little less prominent at least. At …
Virtual Escape Game – Beat The Hacker
60–120 minutes

Virtual Escape Game – Beat The Hacker

A hacker has stolen data from your company and is threatening to destroy everything. However, he isn’t demanding any ransom money – but he wants you to solve a task for him. And in 45 minutes! Win the digital fight in the escape room against …
Gourmet Quiz Online
90-180 minutes

Gourmet Quiz Online

Many team events are about chatting and reflecting, indulging in memories and enjoyments you share together! A suitable environment is necessary for this, so that once a year, the team members really feel at home. This environment is offered by our Gourmet Quiz as an …

Do you have any questions about our games for online meetings? Or you haven’t yet found the right thing for your team?

Talk to us: we will find a suitable event for your online meeting and – or invent it together with you!

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