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Team training – the shortcut to effective work

With online team training, the team plays the central role: how can we integrate new workers well? Eliminate conflicts? Confront weakness on the level of management? Particularly in the times of many societal changes, it can be sensible to actively involve teams and allow them to be part of the change. The aim is to use simple techniques to find shorter ways to more effective work – and this ultimately obtains more scientific success.

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What is team training for?

Our society is changing. The population pyramid is coming to a head, digitalisation has arrived in many sectors, a knowledge explosion has taken place and is calling for skilled workers who can deal with new technology and gigantic streams of data. International competition opens up chances and simultaneously challenges companies, teams and individual team members. Not least, the necessary distancing rules have brought about changes in the way we work, such as working remotely from home office. Online team training covers all of these issues, reduces worries and anxieties and motivates team members to contribute actively and constructively to the future.

When is online training sensible for my team?

At the lastest, team training can be recommended when blockages become visible and your team isn’t working effectively. However, it is also appropriate as a preventative team building measure, in order to prevent this situation from even arising – as often, it is due to small disagreements between colleagues that lead to blockages and therefore loss of efficiency.

We recommend team training as an online team event, especially if your colleagues work from different locations, saving you time and travel costs, if your team is already working digitally and still has something to learn, or if it is simply considered necessary.

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What are the aims of team training?

A good team is worth its weight in gold for a company in many respects. The better a team comes together, the more efficiently and successfully it works. Accordingly, it can also contribute all the more to the company’s long-term success on the market. If companies discover that there are weak points, team training can help and create new approaches. Team training strengthens team cohesion, helps to build trust and optimizes leadership skills. It also promotes both communication and cooperation between all team members and can be seen as both a team-building and team development measure.

What forms of team training are there?

More and more companies are now consciously opting for team training and the opportunities it offers. The methods that can be used in team training are as varied and diverse as the companies concerned. For example, companies can rely on process moderation, team and group work, but can also opt for action-oriented team tasks. There is a wealth of possibilities here, particularly in the outdoor area. In addition, modern team training often uses various communication models such as collegial team coaching or TCI.

How important is professional planning?

One of the core objectives of modern team training is to strengthen the team and improve communication between its members. For this to work, however, professional planning is required. Here you can rely on a competent partner at your side. We take care of the organization and design of the team training. If you would like to find out more about our services, please contact us now. We will be happy to advise you and answer any questions you may have. We effectively involve the companies that commission us with the team training in the planning.


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