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Give the impulse and suddenly there is so much joint, positive energy.

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Our Teamevent Highlights

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Enrich your company event with 10 different team disciplines that promote entertainment, fun and a stronger team spirit. The participants experience intense team spirit in a playful way that is directly related to the topics of everyday team life. The focus is on exuberance and the joy of playing, the added value for everyday team life comes free of charge with the BITOU concept.

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Celebrate a milestone anniversary with BITOU! Since April 2004, the moment we welcomed our first event client, BITOU has established itself as a pioneer in the world of team events and team development. Why is this just the beginning? Here are compelling reasons why our 20-year success story offers you, our client, unparalleled benefits.

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Will we manage to work so precisely with a team as big as 3000 colleagues that it ultimately only takes a tiny impulse to put a whole chain reaction in motion, and to captivate every single link.

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“Getting from A to B together, a breath of fresh air and a feeling of community together,” these are the common denominators of every classic company trip. This is what our Smart City Challenge is set on.

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BITOU Eventfinder

Searching, finding, doing

Find an appropriate team event quickly and easily with the BITOU event finder

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All participants take part in the team event online.

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A combination of virtual and personal event participation.

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Face to Face

All participants meet in person.

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Do you have questions about your team event?

Individualised Team Events

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The customisation of already existing event formats as well as new conceptualisations

If you are looking for team events to suit your own individual needs and preferences than you will discover the possibilities of our customised team events for your company here.

Team Events by BITOU: We focus on Community

We at BITOU understand ourselves as experts for team events where we promise participants more than just fun. In recent years, we also found that the feeling of togetherness does not require a physical presence. If you are looking for the ideal event that suits your team and its challenges it faces then you are just in the right place. Whether you are looking for an in-person event (indoor or outdoor), a virtual one, or a combination of both – let us discuss your needs and we will find the right event for you!

  • Wide range of team events with different key elements. Whether it’s a company trip, a corporate event, or a Christmas party.

  • 20 years of experience in developing team events. This means that special and individual customisations are no problem.

  • Solution for every corporate structure – whether face-to-face, hybrid or virtual events.

  • Collective performance review at the end of the event.

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Team events with real value – organise an experience for your team!

Every company is made up of various characters who first must be formed into a team to work together successfully. This is where managers should become active – because real community rarely develops all by itself. Teambuilding events are an effective way to bring your employees together, even across departments. With BITOU you have the chance to strengthen the team spirit among your colleagues and at the same time provide a great experience that will be remembered for a long time. Whether you are a young start-up with 20 employees or a large corporation with locations all over the world, you can expect competent and individual advice from us, which always considers the needs and goals of your company. So, you can be sure that your team event will not only leave a lasting impression but will also have a positive impact on the day-to-day running of the company.

Community in focus: That’s why a team event by BITOU is worth it

The most successful companies are those in which teamwork functions efficiently. It’s no wonder: people who feel they are in good hands stay motivated and are happy to work for the whole team – sometimes far beyond the end of the working day. That is why it is important to maintain a friendly atmosphere in the workplace.

A team event is the ideal solution for this: it creates conversations between colleagues who might meet in the corridor in everyday life. An informal atmosphere allows the team to exchange ideas without pressure and to get to know each other on a private level. However, for the team event to be a success, it should be ideally suited to your company.

This is exactly where BITOU comes into play: In a thorough consultation, you can formulate your ideas and wishes for the teambuilding event. After all, you know your team best – and can therefore accurately judge whether an action-packed adventure is the better choice or whether the team would rather be inspired by tricky puzzles. We, on the other hand, make sure that the design of the event really enhances team spirit. How? For example, through the following points:

  • Large selection of team events with different focal points, also individual planning on request
  • Many years of experience in designing events to promote team development
  • Solutions for every company structure – whether face-to-face, hybrid or virtual event
  • Reflection on the results of the collective achievements at the end of the event
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Entertainment and fun are the basis of our team event ideas. In addition, our offer is designed in such a way that the positive effect of our events is also reflected in the long-term cooperation of your team. Examples include our Smart Challenge series, which can be booked in various versions and promotes communication within the team. Choose from the following options as you wish:

Our chain reaction events are ideal for particularly large numbers of participants – whether as an XXL chain reaction or the compact version where space is limited. Of course, we also offer you many other options to inspire your team.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of regular team events?

What types of team event are there?

Which team event is suitable for my company?

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With the right team event ideas, you can always create a highlight from the employees’ point of view: it is usually the number one topic in the office shortly after it is announced and is eagerly awaited. Of course, bonds are formed in every team, even in normal everyday life – but a team event gives colleagues the opportunity to strengthen and deepen them.

In turn, the management benefits from this effect: after an unforgettable team event, the increased motivation is noticeable. Employees are welded even closer together, communication and processes become easier, faster and more efficient. Even if the focus of the team event is on having fun and not necessarily on optimizing
cooperation, the positive effects will not be long in coming. With BITOU, you also ensure that your team event will be remembered for many years to come – thanks to our experience in creating real experiences. See for yourself!

More team event ideas

10 – 3.000
30 – 60 minutes
Face to Face


Haka is a ceremonial dance of the Maori people. It has become known through the New Zealand rugby team: the All Blacks, to gain the respect of their opponents before the beginning of the game, demonstrating power and unity. With body, voice and mimes, the …

Team event ideas for every occasion

There are many occasions for team events. In addition to getting together, there is a whole range of additional benefits that characterize the various team event ideas.
The typical company outing can also be a reward for the employees and provide space for entertainment outside of everyday working life.
The company anniversary is usually aimed at employees and their families, but also at customers and suppliers. This offers the opportunity to build bridges between the different players with the right event ideas.
And when it comes to strengthening teams and reinforcing a sense of togetherness, unusual team-building ideas are needed to give team members a boost for their everyday work.
Kick-off events motivate employees. Goals can be reinforced with suitable team event ideas and conveyed in a playful way.
On-site Christmas parties or virtual Christmas parties are part of many corporate cultures. Additional team bonding can be achieved through joint activities that complement the usually obligatory social meal.
Green events are in vogue. Let your employees become part of your sustainability strategy, for example, and fill these topics with lively, tangible fun.

9 good reasons for a team event

Team events are not only a pleasant change from everyday work, but can also offer a variety of benefits for team dynamics and the individual development of team members.

1. improve teamwork: good team event ideas offer the opportunity to work together on challenges and solve tasks. Teamwork is encouraged and team skills are developed.

2. motivation: team events can increase the motivation of team members. Joint activities outside of everyday working life bring new impetus and energy to the team.

3. improve communication: Team members can exchange ideas in a casual atmosphere and build new relationships that have a positive impact on collaboration in everyday working life.

4. strengthen the team: the team’s cohesion and cooperation is promoted through the joint tasks. Team members can get to know each other better outside the work environment and interact on a broader personal level.

5. reward and recognition: Appreciation through praise and recognition is a key factor in successful employee motivation. When selecting team event ideas, it is important that the reward character is clear.

6. develop new skills: Appropriately selected team events include activities where team members can learn new skills. This can help the entire team to benefit from these new skills in their day-to-day work. If you want to improve skills in your team, then take a look at our team development section.

7. promote creativity: By coming together outside of everyday working life, team members can gain new perspectives and take away new ideas. Team events can thus promote creativity and innovative ideas.

8. strengthen corporate culture: Values and traditions can be experienced together in team events. Together with the focus on a common goal, the team event promotes a sense of belonging and identification with the company.

9. have fun: Last but not least, good team event ideas offer the opportunity to simply have fun together! They allow team members to gain new experiences, take away new ideas, have fun and create positive memories.

Allowance for company events

Did you know that companies can claim their company events for tax purposes?
In general, you are entitled to claim up to two events per year. You can claim an allowance of 110 euros per employee for each team event.

How does a team event affect the satisfaction of the team?

Team events have many positive effects on the team, but also on the company as a whole. They are an important cornerstone for satisfied teams that exchange ideas openly, work together creatively and strengthen each other. Satisfied team members are of inestimable importance for the long-term competitiveness of a company. Only if employees feel comfortable within a team can possible fluctuation be actively counteracted. At the same time, a team event always creates shared experiences. This shared experience promotes exchange, paves the way for open communication and ensures satisfied employees.

What positive effect do team events have for employers?

Team events don’t just pay off for the employees. They are also invaluable for employers. In many sectors, companies are struggling with an enormous shortage of skilled workers. The demand for good specialists is high. Many potential employees are aware of this and no longer choose their employers solely on the basis of salary and the number of vacation days. Team events are a good opportunity to make a name for yourself as an attractive and future-oriented employer. They also have a positive influence on the brand image. At the same time, team events provide new approaches for employer branding, which in turn is noticeable in the dissemination of information on social media channels.

Which team events are particularly popular?

In general, the organization and implementation of team events should not be a one-off. In particular, events that take place several times throughout the year always provide new impetus. Which events are particularly popular must be determined individually. This often depends on the focus of the teams, the age of the employees and the team structure.

Types of team events

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Indoor team events

In addition to being independent of the weather and therefore planning security, indoor team events are also more effective in terms of team development. In addition to the fun, additional “takeaways” can be added indoors, as work can be more concentrated indoors. Last but not least, feedback is easier to implement indoors. Our chain reactions, for example, are outstanding team event ideas that have already inspired many thousands of teams and companies.

Outdoor team events

Outdoor team events are often associated with exercise in nature or in a city. Outdoor events are a welcome change for office teams in particular. Outdoor team events are also a fun way to develop team skills. The BITOU program offers excellent alternatives to the classics such as raft building and soapbox races, which everyone has probably experienced at least once. For example, the outdoor escape room “Get the Code” or the “Sustainability Challenge“.
And the special thing about these examples is that they can also be held indoors in bad weather. Filter the team event ideas conveniently using our event finder.

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Physical team events

Encounters are what enrich our humanity. It is precisely this encounter with colleagues that we create with our on-site team events. Whether your team event is to take place on your own premises or at a location in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Zurich, Basel, Vienna, Salzburg (in short, anywhere in Germany, Switzerland and Austria), we will come wherever you need us. However, we also enthusiastically organize events for and with our clients throughout Europe (e.g. Paris, London, Lisbon, Warsaw, Brussels…).

Hybrid team events

The term hybrid team event covers a whole range of different approaches. For example

1. simultaneous events at different locations that are connected via digital media. The XXL chain reaction is particularly suitable here and connects the individual venues very smartly.

2. teams where some members come together on site and individual team members participate from their home office. We have developed our Everest Hybrid adventure especially for these major challenges.

3. combining indoor and outdoor as a hybrid team event. For example, information is collected outside and then the tasks are solved together in an online application on one of our platforms. Our Black out Hybrid is the right solution here.

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Virtuelle Teamevents

Ein virtuelles Event spart insbesondere Reisekosten und kann Menschen mühelos rund um den Globus in ein gemeinsames Erleben bringen. Wählen Sie aus unseren virtuellen Teamevent Ideen, die weitaus mehr bieten als die üblichen Online Quiz Formate. Virtuelle Escape Games wie Beat the Hacker machen viel Spaß und bringen die Teilnehmer in Kommunikation miteinander. Oder entwickeln Sie gezielt Skills im Team weiter und schauen bei unseren Teamentwicklungsformaten vorbei. Planetary Saga die Teamentwicklungsaktivität rund um das Thema Change gibt es z.B. auch als komplett virtuelle Anwendung.

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