»Black Out«, the outdoor team event - get out of home office!

  • 4 – 2000
  • 60-120 minutes
  • Hybrid
Team building, keeping your distance and a breath of fresh air. The hybrid outdoor online team event »Black Out« connects all of these aspects with each other. In small teams, clues are collected in active motion outside, in order to solve exciting tasks together which follow in an online meeting. For this, a maximum of four colleagues come together personally and the others are connected online. The nice thing about this: this task can only be solved in a team! This way, a real feeling of togetherness arises, despite the physical distance. This is good after a long time in home office.
Black Out Hybrid

The story: power cut!

And suddenly the whole city is without power. A storm came over the land and it resulted in a black out. It is now up to the help teams to get the power supply running again.

The teams solve different tasks little by little and bring the power back, one district at a time. Of course, the first emergency power supply will be to the hospital.

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The course of events for the outdoor team

The outdoor team event »Black Out« works through an app that the colleagues download on their mobile phones in advance.

After a short introduction by a BITOU presenter, the colleagues go outside either in small teams or individually and collect clues by moving around: every 200 metres, a clue plays on the app. Each individual can collect up to a maximum of 18 clues – so they can walk up to four kilometres.

The team comes back together online once the clues have been collected, and solves the tasks together. The single teams (4 to 7 participants) compete against each other.

Solve tasks – collect clues

In order to solve the individual tasks of the hybrid outdoor team event, four clues are needed for each one. The clues are split up into different categories: there are the A, B, C and D clues. Each individual colleague receives only one clue category which is played on their phone. That means: there needs to be at least four colleagues paying attention in order to solve a task.

Develop a strategy together

The team decides for itself how they want to use their playing time. If an hour is available, the team has multiple options:

– 30 minutes of quick walking, and 30 minutes to puzzle and solve the tasks

– race for 20 minutes to collect as many clues as possible, and use 40 minutes to puzzle and solve the tasks

– 30 minutes of relaxed walking, by doing this maybe only collecting 10 clues, and then 30 minutes to puzzle and solve the tasks but then only a part of the city will be supplied with energy again, but in exchange, the atmosphere is less hurried!

Your individual outdoor event

»Black Out«, the online outdoor team event is completely independent of a given location. You can play it wherever it suits you. The only requirement: as the app works using GPS, the participants must be able to go outside and move around freely in order to collect the clues.

By the way, we can customize the story for you at an additional cost. Rather than ending a power cut, would you like to rescue a cave explorer from a cave, or get a company’s computer system up and running again? No problem! Just let us know.

At a glance


  • 4 – 2000
  • 60-120 minutes
  • Hybrid
  • Worldwide
  • Year round
  • German, English
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