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Team events for on boarding processes: sow trust, harvest commitment

Greeting round, bouquet of flowers, a readily set up place to work: whoever greets new team members in such a manner already has a good chance that they will also stay. This isn’t a given. Studies show that 36 percent of all new team members leave their place of employment within the first six months as the so called “on boarding” didn’t work.

For those who are wringing their hands in the search of skilled workers, they know the amount of work that is involved. And they try their very best to integrate them as well as possible. The first three months are decisive. Whoever familiarises the new employees with the work environment, their colleagues and processes during this time, increases the likelihood of them working in a motivated and engaged manner – and maintain the business long term. This is confirmed by the statistics (and common sense).

The most important factor for recruiting is how the new colleagues work together: only by good relations within the team, the department and the whole company, is effective and productive work possible. A team building event specifically chosen for this purpose can help.

Our offer

  • Individual team events, depending on your company values
  • Entertaining to in-depth programmes, depending on the character of your team and company
  • Virtual, hybrid and classic team events, and also a combination of all three