Merchants of Venice – team development practice

  • 7 – 300
  • 120 – 240 min (without reflection)
  • Face to Face
In this interactive simulation, participants explore their DISC behavioural styles. The setting helps them to engage in real interactions with different personalities and intentions, just like in real life. This team development is suitable as part of a DISC programme.
main topics:
Merchants of Venice – team development practice

Negotiation as a Team Development Exercise – The Story

Venice in the Middle Ages – the trading bridge between the Orient and the Occident, flourishing trading town and naval power. Made easy by the geographical location and through the handy dealings of the Venetians, the town became a trading metropolis which has its peak in the 15th century.

The head of state, the Doge, has unlimited power and his wish is someone else’s command. The Doge makes sure that no one can take the power away from the noble family of Venice. This is the setting in which the teams find themselves in. They slide into the roles of rich Venetian noble families and trade amongst each other, as long as it takes until each family has fulfilled the individual and secret decree of the Doge.


Merchants of Venice szene

How you can recognise the distribution of the roles in the team through »Merchants of Venice«


Merchants of Venice easily gives the participants an experience with different personality types. To recognise and experience different personalities is a basic skill in today’s society. Who is more dominant, who takes the initiative, who trades more continuously and who is conscientious? The corresponding roles will be allocated to the team members within the framework of the activity. Merchants of Venice is ideal when you would like to recruit new members of the team, as everyone receives an estimation on their own strengths and weaknesses in this activity.

Learning effects

You get to know the DISC behavioural patterns and experience how you can recognise these in other people.
You learn how you can adapt your communication style in order to interact more effectively with colleagues.
You learn to improve working relations and communication capabilites in teams.


The success of this team development messure is measured by a questionnaire filled out by participants. At the end, you receive and overview of the difference personality types of your team.

Possible occasions

  • Team conflicts: “Quarreling bunch becomes a functioning team”
  • Recognise potential in a team
  • Develop better understanding for the roles of the individual team members
  • Stengthen the collaboration between team members and reduce the competition between individuals


The activity »Merchants of Venice« can be completed by a personality test, such as the Meyers-Briggs type indicator or a DISC test.

Customer reviews

“Exciting simulation on the topic of role allocation. Not only related to the others, but also in self-reflection on own behavior patterns in the team structure.”

Employees DOTS the agency GmbH

At a glance

Included services

  • Extenisve advice beforehand
  • Implementation and presentation
  • Licence costs
  • optional: DISC test
  • Analysis and reflection by our team trainer*

*only available if you book the active module with trainer.


  • 7 – 300
  • 120 – 240 min (without reflection)
  • Face to Face
  • Europe
  • German, English
  • 1,5 m2 per participant, at least 20 m2
  • Year round

Suitable for

  • Middle management
  • Junior managers

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