Team Development for Successful Teams

We help your team to improve motivation and communication, resolve arising conflicts at the earliest time and prevent stagnation. Together we work with you on team topics such as agility, leadership or change management.

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A Workshop Supporting Team Development: A Sustainable Learning Experience Advances your Team

With the help of our active modules your team will gain new experience in team development. Wie simulate complex work situations in game-based settings where we give your team new impulses to develop new skills, attitudes, or mindsets. We measure your success and provide sustainable learning experiences, which will set off long-term improvements within your team. We motivate, strengthen, and empower your team – for more unity and success in their everyday work. We are also happy to design an online program should your employees work in different locations. Should you have any further questions or wishes you will be able to discuss them with us when you book your individual consultation session. We will then design team-building exercises that are optimally suited to our goals.
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This is how specific activity modules support team development

  • Experience:
    Hands-on experiences get your team moving in a playful way and provide the ‘aha’ effect.
  • Analyse and Experiential Learning:
    Analysing your team performance creates valuable lessons for your team that have a lasting impact.
  • Recognise:
    Our active modules provide information on possible imbalances and unused resources within your team.
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BITOU Active Modules

From Theory to Praxis: Acting, Reflecting, Developing

Learning means experience. With the help of stories and simulations, our brain is able to store what we hear and to anchor knowledge more easily. Our active modules make use of our brain’s learning behaviour: topics are worked on in an experiential way, communicated effectively and quickly, and deepened with the help of our qualified team trainers.

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BITOU Active Modules

The measurable success of a team: concretely identifying courses of action.

We measure and analyse team key figures such as motivation, communication, willingness to cooperate, flexibility, responsiveness, ability to adapt, team performance, conflict resolution potential, satisfaction, or role distribution.

Active Modules and Team Trainer – With Expertise for Successful Team Development

Our active modules deal with targeted team development phases and situations, which are worked through with our experienced team trainers and which will further develop your team in the long term. Our trainers analyse the results of the collective work, help your team to identify unused potential for improvements and give you individual recommendations for taking measures to improve your team’s performance.

Most Popular Active Modules

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This is the ideal way to use our active modules

  • As an impulse for a team development process, to provide faster access to a specific topic and to align your team towards a common goal.

  • To analyse your teams or individual departments performance Possible topics include communication skills, ability to adapt, and effective use of resources.

  • As an analysis and simulation tool for the start-up, merger or planned further development of your team.

  • As a reflection and refinement tool for performance, cooperation, motivation and bonding in your team.

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Our Team Trainers

Each of our activity modules cover specific developmental needs related to the topic of teamwork. Next to our active modules it is above all our team trainers who support you with their experience in the industry, their expertise and dedication. Our trainers are the experts in their field – they are skilled in a range of team development methods and topics that will move your team forward in a lasting and sustainable way.

Your team is not working as effectively as it could?

The reasons for disharmony and blockages in a team can be of different nature. Our team analysis helps you to determine which cause may be blocking your team on its way to more efficiency and success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the difference between team development and team building?

Joint team building events are common in many companies. However, team building goes a step further. It focuses more on the strengths of the individual employees and on ensuring effective communication. While classic team building events often focus on fun, in our active modules for team development your team works towards a specific goal of your choice.

How can successful team development be planned?

Our experience has shown that successful team development measures depend on how well they are tailored to the team. For this we aim to offer every team and company customised solutions for team development that are optimally suited to their individual goals and needs. We are happy to help you plan the right event for your individual goals and challenges in a personal consultation. . to the contact options >

How do you calculate the price for the development of a team?

This question cannot be answered in a general way, as the prices depend on many individual factors. Our experience in the field of team development has shown that the success of such measures strongly depends on how well they are adapted to the respective team.

Are you “just” planning the completion of one active module including a first analysis of your team or a team development process lasting several days with more in-depth work on the imbalances in the team? The objectives, the scope and the intensity with which teams start a further development process are as individual as each team itself. Therefore, it is important for us to clarify your individual requirements in a personal consultation to be able to provide you with an offer that is tailor-made to your objectives.

How exactly does team development with BITOU work?

It is very difficult to describe a general process, as the requirements and objectives of each team are different and therefore influence the process.

However, a possible process could look like this: You know the area in which you would like to develop your team in, select a suitable active module and a suitable team trainer with the help of our topic finder and send us your request. In a personal and non-binding consultation, we will clarify your requirements once again and make you an individual offer. Our team trainer then goes into a detailed preliminary discussion with you/the management/the HR department etc..
On the date set by you, we carry out the chosen active module with your team to work specifically on a topic, to create a team analysis or to reinforce previously trained theory in practice. Our team trainer observes and analyses the behaviour of your team in relation to the respective focus topics of the active module. He/she then discusses the findings with you and your team, points out possible imbalances, unused potentials and behavioural patterns and gives you recommendations on what you could change to further develop your team.
You now have the option of planning further, more in-depth work on the findings with our trainer or you can use the new findings to train your team further on your own. You can also learn more about concrete process strategies in our case studies.

We already have a team trainer. Can I also book the modules as individual items?

Yes, you can, of course, also book the active modules as individual items without a team trainer to reinforce a topic in the team or to give an impulse in the course of your team development and to anchor a learning effect in the long term. We will be happy to advise you on which of our active modules can best support you. to the contact options >

I am a team trainer myself. Can I also book the modules
as individual modules?

Of course, you can also book the active modules as individual modules and without a team trainer in order to reinforce a topic in the team in the course of your team development or to give an impulse and to sustainably anchor a learning effect. We will be happy to advise you on which of our active modules can best support you in this process. to the contact options >

What are the benefits of team development online?

Team development is not only important on site in the office, especially when employees work in different locations or remote. The team spirit should nonetheless be actively encouraged. That’s how colleagues get to know each other’s strengths and can use that knowledge continuously during their working days. Spending time in the office kitchen is not necessarily needed anymore!