Mission to Mars – team building measures all about communication

  • 6 – 3000
  • 4 x 26 min (without reflection)
  • Virtual
Coordinated collaboration and clear communication is particulary crutial for the success of the »Mission to Mars«. This online simulation charmingly makes fun of the information overload of today's society and takes it too far - until the complexity is so high that everything breaks down in a pile of laughter. Or it proves: that your team is already juggling a lot of data so well that nothing can faze it.
main topics:
Mission to Mars – team building measures all about communication

What is the solution to the riddle? – The story

Twitter, email, team chat, adverts, online meeting, news, smartphone, LinkedIn, grapevine, kitchen conversations – countless amounts of information bombard us nowadays. And it comes over the most diverse channels. The higher the level of information gets, the more difficult it becomes to decide in everyday working life: what is important and explosive? Which data has to be archived? Where are the experts with deep subject knowledge needed? And what information has to definitely be shared with the whole team?

Every three years, a new team launches to Mars. The aim is to land as a crew. But the mission can only begin once the team has decoded a code which consists of multiple small codes. In order to find the right solution, the expertise of every single astronaut is needed.

At the beginning of the team building measure, the group is split up into multiple astronaut teams. These then enter the online simulation, each team finds themselves in their own chatroom. A countdown of 26 minutes is visible for everyone – and an empty field, in which a code of numbers and symbols clearly needs to be entered. But which one? In addition, each team member also receives cards with pieces of information which are only visible to them. The team members begin to guess and puzzle – and finally work out that they have to put the pieces of information in a logical order, in order to receive the number code to be able to re-establish contact to the Mars station.

BIT Bilder Eindruecke Mission to Mars

How »Mission to Mars« strengthens virtual collaboration in a team


With the help of the team building measure »Mission to Mars«, communication and collaboration in the digital world are strengthened. You playfully practice how digital tasks can be solved together using meeting tools. All team members are involved and different team roles are activated.

Learning effects

There is a break after each round where the whole group comes together and reflects: what worked, what didn’t? This is how you find out that a team was rather quick, but only solved half of the code – beacuse they didn’t verify the information properly. With each round, the team learns something new and receives enough food for the final reflection. »Mission to Mars« improves digital communication and collaboration amongst team members and creates a general basis of understanding between the colleagues.


Mission to Mars measures the team success in every sequence. Up to four sequences with increasing difficulty can be carried out and the learning curve of the teams becomes clear. In addition, we also provide a benchmark value of other companies and branches.

Possible occasions

  • Problems in digital collaboration
  • Find solutions for problems on a factual and relationship level
  • Changing the way of working up to now (e.g. through new technological developments and processes, cultural changes or increased work in digital project teams)
  • Increasing complexity of tasks
  • Reflection and optimisation of team collaboration
  • Team doesn’t work effectively


You can also carry out the four units of the team building measure over a longer period of time and spread them over multiple appointments. In this way, the team has the opportunity to apply their knowledge to everyday life.
This means there could be 2-4 sequences with increasing levels of difficulty carried out. The sequences can be carried out in one meeting or be split. 2D and 3D sequences are available.

Customer reviews

“Mission to Mars strengthens the general team collaboration and communication. The strength of the event lies above all in the exchanges in the card mode. The mission will only work when everyone is part of it.”

Team assistant from Roche

At a glance

Included services

  • Extenisve advice beforehand
  • Digital implementation and presentation
  • Licence costs
  • Measured results with analysis
  • Analysis and reflection by our team trainer*

*only available if you book the active module with trainer.


  • 6 – 3000
  • 4 x 26 min (without reflection)
  • Virtual
  • Worldwide
  • German, English
  • Device (preferably PC/laptop) with Internet access (browser-based)
  • Year round

Suitable for

  • Teams on all hieratic levels
  • Leadership teams
  • High performance teams
  • Digital teams
  • Small to very large groups

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