A great “WE” needs every “I”.

How do you design unique team events and sustainable developments sustainable developments, with a keen eye on the current issues in the world of work? This requires individuals whose personal strengths and character traits are always considered as relevant as the team’ s overall performance. At BITOU, we are thinkers, doers, strategists, people of the heart, creative minds, and entertainers. And because we are so different, we perfectly complement each other!

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Our mission

At BITOU we want to give everyone the opportunity and empowerment to find joy, meaning and success in their work. On this path, we specifically support teams and leaders in their further development.


The success of a company and the performance of each employee is demonstrably increased when employees are motivated and enthusiastic about their work. In addition, it is essential that they experience a sense of importance and satisfaction and can carry out their work in a pleasant working atmosphere.


Those who know their own motivators and strengths and are given the opportunity to use them in the appropriate place can work more satisfactorily and successfully. The team constellation is an equally important factor. Above all, psychological security and cohesion are the basis for employees to develop their individual abilities.


We lead people to their professional excellence and enable them to create something great with joy and satisfaction.

BITOU in numbers

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Team events & Team development in German-speaking regions – our sites

Thanks to our two locations in the north and the south, we can organise your team event not only throughout Germany, but also in other European countries.
We are experts in bringing teams together to create greater things. No matter if you want to talk Baden, Nordic or have a wild and international mix!

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With our location near Hamburg, we organise team events and development in the north of Germany – above the line from Cologne via Erfurt to Dresden – and of course in other European countries.


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With our location in Malterdingen near Freiburg we take care of your team event and development below the line of Cologne – Erfurt – Dresden, in Switzerland, and Austria – and of course in other European countries.

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Unsure who to send your request to?

Would you like to organise a team event or team development? Wonderful! Simply use our central contact form for your enquiry. We’ll make sure your enquiry reaches the relevant office and get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Customer testimonials

  • Hi Rieke,
    The event “Beat the Hacker 3D” was a great experience for our group and me!
    Compared to real Escape Rooms or Exit Games for the cosy round at home, this digital event was a great and above all successful alternative.
    The puzzle difficulty ranged from short brainteasers to really tricky puzzles, so there was something for everyone.
    We had a lot of fun and were able to achieve a lot thanks to our good communication. If we had had just two minutes more, we too could have beaten the hacker!

    Kind regards
    on behalf of Christopher Markweg

    Deutsche Telekom Technik GmbH

  • The format “Before Mars” offers a great mix of complexity and play length. There was no boredom in three and a half hours. On the contrary, we all had great fun! Before Mars was a great fit for us because it portrays many facets of our work well. We have to work together efficiently and at the same time compliantly across team boundaries and silos.

    Head of Department Lufthansa Technik

  • …I have only been able to speak to a few colleagues about the event, as our multi-day event lasted up to and including last night, but what I have heard has been very very positive throughout.
    The organisation is said to have been excellent and the event as such was extremely fun and enjoyable for those involved – special thanks go to your colleague Marcus, who made this event a complete success with his really friendly and likeable manner but also his professionalism.
    Once again a big thank you to you, Marcus, and the whole team from BITOU GmbH – we will definitely recommend you to others and would be happy to contact you again at a future event.

    Ms Stoldt TI Automotive Heidelberg

  • Dear Christine,
    the beautiful words of Wilhelm Busch always fit wonderfully:
    “It is a praiseworthy custom, whoever receives something good, also gives thanks!”
    Many, many thanks for the creative and great cooperation during the thyssenkrupp teambuilding with our sustainability challenge in Berlin.
    You implemented the project superbly with your team and, above all, you moderated it very well under pressure. And you did it in English!
    The client is very happy and I would love to work with you again next year on the next team challenge for tk 😊
    I really hope that we can realise another project together soon.
    Thank you for your commitment.

    Please pass on my thanks again to everyone involved.

    Have a nice Whitsun-WE, sincerely
    Daniel Weber Event Moves

  • Dear Mrs. Trotter,

    thank you very much for this great team event. It was just perfect and the people had great fun. Even in the evening there was a HAKA scream from one corner or the other 😊.

    As I said great event, great organization and a really great, nice, authentic team trainer.

    We had to leave the contact details of BITOU already in the hotel 😊

    Thanks again for everything and best regards to Marcus 😊

    Many greetings / With best regards

    Katrin Schmidt
    Assistant to the CS MC Management, Siemens AG

We are BITOU – Our Team

Felix Neugebauer
Sebastian Otte
Pia Neugebauer
Viola Grittmann
Marcus Richter
Joachim Grittmann
Katharina Enz
Christine Hafenmair
Christine Weber
Tom Kristof Jöcker
Julia Bebon-Störk
Bea Trotter
Rieke Hundertmark
Luise Leu
Katharina Gimmel
Leonie Wiedemer
Larissa Grathwol
Anke Grittmann

The think tank – what makes a good team experience

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Whether it’s a team event or team development: this is how team experiences with a lasting effect succeed:
The goal of every team experience should always be to provide impulses for harmonious, efficient, and positive cooperation. These are essential characteristics we focus on when developing and selecting our team activities. How does a team work together, how does communication work among each other and where do unnecessary friction arise due to unclarified competence hierarchies? We support your team in (re)aligning itself to a common goal and in feeling connected even across location divides. We don’t just provide the all-important variety – we provide you with valuable insights into what your team can do to optimise its performance in their everyday cooperation.