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Building teamwork activities

Teamwork activities aim to bring a team closer together, increase the effectiveness of collaboration, promote team spirit, and improve team dynamics. Specific activities foster communication, a sense of belonging, trust, and collaboration within a team.

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What are building teamwork activities?

1. Teambuilding activities: Joint tasks outside of everyday work promote team spirit. There are a variety of options. To narrow down the search, preselection should be made based on the following criteria: indoor or outdoor, competition or joint task, selection between athletic and comfortable, duration, location… In any case, teams should be able to improve their collaboration in a playful way.

2. Team workshops: Workshops or training sessions can specifically improve individual aspects of the team. For example, you can address topics such as improving team dynamics, strengthening collaboration and communication, or effective conflict resolution.

3. Team projects: Working together on a larger project where each team member can contribute their individual skills and everyone works together towards a common goal is one of the most effective team-building measures.

4. Team retreats: Joint excursions where the entire team comes together in a relaxed environment to get to know each other better, exchange ideas, and discuss common goals are valuable team times.

5. Team meetings: Interactive and varied team meetings with discussions, small activities, brainstorming, or group work actively involve team members and improve collaboration.

6. Team building games and icebreakers: Small games or activities as icebreakers to bring the team closer together or to start new topics promote team spirit in an entertaining way.

7. Team reflection: Continuous learning from experiences and the development of the team are achieved through regular reflection sessions. For teams, it is essential to talk about common successes, challenges, and opportunities for improvement

Building teamwork activities measures should always be adapted to the specific needs and dynamics of your team. By promoting a positive work environment and strengthening collaboration, motivation, engagement, and team effectiveness can be significantly increased.

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Products for building teamwork activities

Other teambuilding events

Chain Reaction XXL
6 – 3.000
60-180 minutes
Face to Face

Chain Reaction XXL

The term “Chain Reaction” reminds many of their chemistry lessons. But with this event, it’s not about a scientific experiment, but a social one: will we manage to work so precisely with a team as big as 3000 colleagues that it ultimately only takes a …

The Tuckman Model

The forming–storming–norming–performing model of group development by Bruce Tuckman describes a model for the process of team building. When people form a team, this team goes through various phases. In each phase, targeted team-building measures can be taken to strengthen the process and improve the transition to the next phase.

  • Forming – getting to know each other

  • Storming – Team members discover which positions and roles they take within the team (increased conflict potential).

  • Norming – Structures and rules are formed

  • Performing – A common goal is pursued, high effectiveness and motivation through constructive interaction

In each of these phases, the team-building measures described above can be used to support the team and improve the transitions.


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Applications of building teamwork activities

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When the team is in the forming or storming phase and the members are just getting to know each other, the goal of team-building measures is to build trust and provide orientation. For example, with the deep-sea expedition.

In the norming phase, constructive discussions and structuring take place. The Chocolate Factory can be helpful here.

If existing teams are to be strengthened, for example in the performing phase, the focus of team-building measures is on strengthening self-confidence. In this phase, team spirit should also be maintained or maximized if possible. Adventure Everest supports in this phase.

However, team-building measures are also excellent for loosening up a seminar – they can serve as a supporting program.