The Chocolate Factory – The Impulse for your Team’s Effective Process Optimisation

  • 15 – 300
  • 120 - 210 min
  • Virtual | Hybrid | Face to Face
‘The Chocolate Factory’ (by Tirian) is used as a tool to train the optimisation of teamwork within dynamic processes. How agile does your team react to last-minute changes in running proceedings? And how quickly do they adapt and re-organise themselves to meet the new requirements?
main topics:
The Chocolate Factory – The Impulse for your Team’s Effective Process Optimisation

Together on the Road to Success – The Story

Jointly improving the business procedures, discovering deficiencies, guaranteeing a smooth process, optimising the overall flow of work, and improving the quality of the products? That’s what BITOU’s ‘Chocolate Factory’ is all about.
Between 15 – 30 participants work together in a chocolate factory. Their goal is to produce as much chocolate as possible and react with flexibility to new demands.

Their clients are constantly expressing new wishes and changing their orders. This puts a lot of pressure onto the factory and its workers, who over and over again have to adapt to new processes.

How fast can they adapt the new production process to the factory? After the planning phase, how the teams configure the process and how can the output be improved? And how does it correlate to our owns daily work? Let us tell you: much more than you might think right now. We like to accompany you through this simulation and develop valuable insights with and for your team.


Teamentwicklung Teamtraining

How ‘The Chocolate Factory’ Trains your Team to Optimise Processes


The participants break open silos and challenge existing procedures and practises to then improve them sustainably in their everyday work. They obtain an understanding of how even the smallest changes can enhance results crucially. With ‘The Chocolate Factory’, important impulses for your team’s daily work life are provided – from day-to-day collaboration to internal and external communication. This game-based activity trains all aspects.

Learning effects

‘The Chocolate Factory’ trains your team to concentrate on the main aspects of the project. They learn to understand customer demands and to transfer them together into optimised flows of processes. This supports collaboration among all members while overcoming the silo mentality.


The performance of the teams is measured by the outcome and especially by the improvement of the team performance from round 1 to round 2. The results can be compared with other teams worldwide.

Possible occasions

  • Intervention to Build High Performance Teams
  • Improving Employee Engagement
  • Breaking Down Silo Mentality
  • Promoting Cross-Departmental Communication
  • Impulse for Process Improvement, Restructuring, and Renewal
  • Sales Meetings and Conventions


When multiple factories producing at the same time, everything gets moving. There will be an outstanding dynamic among the teams.

There is the additional option to book, where BITOU brings actual chocolate specialities to the event to provide a more realistic approach.

Customer reviews

“Definitely an experience with a lasting effect. Many employees have been occupied with the experience for a long time and ideas have been collected on their own initiative on how we as a team can still optimize some things.”

Employee Hauser GmbH

At a glance

Included services

  • Personal consultation in advance
  • Organisation and Moderation
  • License Fees
  • Test results with an evaluation
  • Analysis and reflection by our team trainer*

*only available if you book the active module with trainer


  • 15 – 300
  • 120 - 210 min
  • Virtual | Hybrid | Face to Face
  • Europe
  • German, English
  • at least 20 m2 or 1 m2 per participant
  • Year round

Suitable for

  • Leadership Teams
  • High Performance Teams
  • Teams at all Hierarchical Levels
  • Sales Teams

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