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Team development activities or team events as the perfect start into the New Year

The new year provides the perfect moment to gather all team members for a kick-off meeting. No matter if it is about the planning for the coming year or of a brand-new product, this meeting is the perfect opportunity to collect thoughts about success, but also setbacks, and what the next 12 months should look like.

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Why a kick-off meeting with the team is the best start for the new year

A kick-off meeting at the beginning of the new year gives you and your team a way to start with planning for the coming month. But it is not the usual meeting where everyone goes home with a pile of orders. Instead, the focus lies on conversations, brainstorming, critical thinking, and team building. We can provide you with the perfect support due to our team development activities and other team events, be it in person, online, or in a hybrid setting.

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Kick-off Team Events

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To start the new year with one of our team events will help your team’s spirit and lets them start with a fundamental, positive attitude into the next fiscal year. They will be provided with entertainment and a change from everyday office life. It strengthens the feeling of togetherness and helps when working in new constellations. Team bonding is a high priority during our events! We will find the perfect activity during your consultation.

Advantages of BITOU Team Events

  • They help to rightly set up your team for the new year.

  • They create a positive team spirit and strengthen the feeling of togetherness to start of the new year perfectly.

  • They inspire an eagerness to take on new challenges and generate a sense of joy in being successful together.

  • They help new colleagues to settle in while being in a relaxed environment outside of the daily work routine.

These Team Events are perfect for a kick-off meeting


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Kick-off Team Development

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New Year, new orders, new goals, new plans. Are you facing new challenges, changes, and projects at the beginning of the year? With our team development activities the whole team is prepared to face any future tasks with a long lasting and strong effect. In an experimental learning session, we systematically prepare your team for the specific topic you have chosen and in the follow-up reflection we reinforce the skills learned, evaluate the behaviours, and measure the team’s performance.

Advantages of BITOU Team Development Activities

  • They help to clarify roles in time to ensure that projects run smoothly from the start and that all team members can work together.

  • They are ideal for getting your team in the mindset of new strategies, visions and missions.

  • They promote the long-lasting development of new approaches and mindsets in order to prepare your team for the challenges of the future.

  • They support you in testing new team constellations, planning new departments and/or welcoming new team members.

These Team Development activities are perfect for a kick-off meeting

Your options with BITOU

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We support you, if wished, at every step of the planning for your kick-off meeting. There are two options, depending on the scale of your program and provided resources:

  • You design your own program for the overall event and additionally book one of our established activities. Give us a call and we are happy to consult you further!
  • We plan the whole kick-off event, either for or in cooperation with you. We select a fitting activity and take care of moderating the event as well as scouting a suitable location.

This speaks for BITOU’s professional services at the kick-off meeting

  • We take over the moderation and organisation of your event. This allows you to participate in the team process yourself.

  • You get a valuable view from an external perspective on your team and advice on possible optimisation opportunities.

  • Our team trainers are specially trained to make facts emotionally accessible. They communicate topics that are difficult for many people to comprehend in a visual and engaging way.

  • Thanks to our 20 years of experience in organising team events, we are ready to make your kick-off a real success.