Green World - the sustainable strategy for your team

  • 4 – 500
  • 120 minutes
  • Face to Face
How can we become more sustainable as a team? How can we make our everyday working life greener, save resources and behave in a more climate-neutral way? Who are the big players when it comes to the topic of climate? What does it mean to establish a sustainable strategy in a team? With Green World, we playfully introduce you to the topic of sustainability and climate protection. You will learn methods of a sustainable way of life and work on a common goal: prevent climate catastrophes before they occur. In addition, you also learn the most important methods to establish your internal sustainable team strategy.
Green World – the sustainable strategy for your team

Sustainability is our task

Not least in the sustainable strategy of the German government it is claimed that: “everyone decides for themselves about sustainability. You decide on sustainability if you invest, produce and consume. In this way, it is not about the ethics of going without. It is much more about imagination, creativity and technological know-how, in order to drive forward environmentally friendly and resource-saving production and consumer patterns. For this, everyone, including employees and companies, unions and trade associations, universities and research institutions need to actively form the structural change”.

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The concept of the sustainable strategy

Green World is played as a board game and is lead by our BITOU presenters. All of the materials for the board game are produced sustainably. Colleagues make teams of four, within which they take on different roles: research, politics, industry and climate activism. It’s now about preventing upcoming climate catastrophes and to protect special places. But how do we get on in the role play and who will we ask for help in order to collect enough environmental pamphlets, with the help of which we can prevent environmental catastrophes? How do we establish a sustainable strategy together that can save our planet? And what do we learn from it for our team and our company?

How teams grow together

In Green World, colleagues find out more about each other in a role play and they discover different methods of sustainability-conscious lifestyles. In addition, they also get to know the famous representatives relating to the topic of climate. Whether it is Greta Thunberg, political specialists or famous climate activists. Together, you broaden your horizons concerning the topic of sustainability, climate protection and climate neutrality. Together, you define your goals for sustainable development. The teams will use methods and instruments to strategically carry out sustainable development, they practice carrying out a concrete sustainable strategy for our planet. With this, they learn what is important and how the topic of sustainability can play a role in their own company.

The Take Aways

Green World promotes communication amongst the team members and makes sure there is fun and diversity beyond everyday working life. In this way, spirits are lifted within the team. Self-reflection and working together are encouraged: in addition to the team-specific goal and preventing all threatening environmental catastrophes, all teams follow an overriding goal. At the end of the event, we find out whether we have reached our aim of sustainable development, also in the big community. We not only practice using the methods and instruments of a sustainable strategy together, but we also start the discussion about it, about how we can develop a company-specific sustainable strategy for ourselves, which we will also profit from in every day working life. Completely according to the motto: together towards climate neutrality.

The perfect team impulse for the common sustainable strategy

Green World is excellently suited for teams that have fun together and at the same time would like to learn something about sustainability. It doesn’t matter whether it is a conference or a sustainability event, Green World imparts environmental topics in a playful way and encourages the discussion amongst team members about their own sustainable strategy. Through the communal exchange about their own sustainable strategy in the company, the teams will become familiar with the topic of sustainability, they receive impulses and instructions on how to work together more sustainably.

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  • 4 – 500
  • 120 minutes
  • Face to Face
  • Germany
  • Year round
  • German, English
  • Indoor
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