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Why your hotel should definitely work with BITOU!

A partnership with BITOU can help your hotel to expand its services, increase its attractiveness and competitiveness and thus improve its sales and customer loyalty in the long term.

1. How can your hotel increase occupancy and sales?

By integrating and offering high-quality team building activities from BITOU, your hotel can generate additional bookings for rooms and conference facilities. This not only increases your occupancy rate, but also brings you additional revenue through catering and other services

2. How does BITOU increase the competitiveness of your hotel?

BITOU strengthens your hotel’s competitiveness by providing unique and high-quality team building programs that set your hotel apart from the competition. This differentiation is crucial to attract corporate clients looking for comprehensive event solutions. The diverse offering ranges from fun indoor activities to outdoor programs that encourage movement and unique BITOU activity modules that drive team development.

3. What makes BITOU different from other event providers?

BITOU offers many unique programs that are available exclusively from us throughout the German-speaking world. So you can put together special and exclusive experiences for your customers. Click here and see for yourself.

BITOU is characterized by exceptional reliability. In 20 years and over 10,000 events, not a single one has had to be canceled.

Our team is specially trained in the management of events and moderation. At BITOU, the quality is right from start to finish: from the consultation in the run-up to the moderation of the event to the billing.

4. Do you improve customer satisfaction with BITOU?

BITOU’s professionally designed and facilitated events leave a lasting impression and encourage positive reviews and word of mouth.

By providing comprehensive and proven event solutions, you ensure a seamless experience that improves guest satisfaction. Satisfied guests are more likely to recommend your hotel and book again.

5. Operational support and expertise for your hotel from BITOU:

With over 20 years of experience, BITOU offers valuable support in the planning and implementation of events, taking the pressure off your hotel staff and ensuring the quality of the events

Especially when clients are looking for individualized solutions that precisely address the specific needs and dynamics of the participants, we offer qualified consultations in advance in close cooperation with your hotel experts.

6. Sustainability and long-term partnerships:

The opportunity to build valuable relationships with various corporate clients expands the hotel’s network and opens up future business opportunities

BITOU focuses on sustainable team building activities that improve long-term team dynamics and employee satisfaction. This promotes long-term business relationships between your hotel and your corporate clients

Get in touch with our sales team today and let us advise you without obligation on how you can offer your corporate customers the decisive added value.

We will be happy to provide you with marketing and sales material so that you can get off to a successful start together with BITOU.

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