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Anniversary products

Discover our exclusive anniversary products, which have been relaunched especially for you and enriched with innovative concepts. As an existing customer, you will receive our anniversary discount on our selected products.

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1. Team Olympics – new edition with added value:

To celebrate our anniversary, we are presenting the popular Team Olympics in a fresh new look! With a completely revised concept that reflects our extensive experience, the playful competition, which promises fun and entertainment, remains a central component. But there is more:

Each discipline of this team competition is now linked to a valuable team skill, which is of great benefit not only during the event, but also in everyday working life. Thanks to the professional moderation, you will experience an event that promotes reflection and transparency and thus effortlessly enriches your everyday working life. Would you like to find out more?


Team Olympics
6 – 3000
120 – 240 minutes
Face to Face

Team Olympics

Experience a top-class company party with the BITOU Team Olympics! Look forward to unique and exciting activities such as pipeline, tower building and aerial rocket shooting, which not only provide a lot of fun but also strengthen team spirit. At BITOU, we take care of …

2. Adventure Everest – The ultimate challenge

(physical, hybrid or virtual):

Join us on the ultimate adventure at the foot of the majestic Mount Everest. This activity module offers you the unique opportunity to test your limits and compete against other teams in an exciting competition. Collect valuable resources through coordinated planning that will facilitate your ascent to the summit.

The aim is to collect as many summit stones as possible and leave the competition behind. But watch out: The way back to base camp is also a challenge. You can look forward to around 3.5 hours of fun, excitement and unforgettable moments, accompanied by rousing drum sounds and spectacular photo moments.

This adventure will not only test your stamina and teamwork skills, but will also create unforgettable memories. Are you ready for this unique challenge? Lace up your hiking boots for a new adventure that awaits you! Would you like more information?

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Both offers are carefully designed to not only provide an unforgettable experience, but also to create long-term value for your team and organization. Contact us today to book your anniversary adventure!