Team Olympics - how lots of fun can help a team move forward

  • 6 – 3000
  • 120 - 240 minutes
  • Face to Face
Enrich your company event with 10 different team disciplines that promote entertainment, fun and a stronger team spirit. The participants experience intense team spirit in a playful way that is directly related to the topics of everyday team life. The focus is on exuberance and the joy of playing, the added value for everyday team life comes free of charge with the BITOU concept.
Team Olympics

Discover the ultimate team Olympics from BITOU – where the spirit of the 10-man battle meets the dynamics of modern teamwork! Take on the challenge in a rousing competition where ten carefully selected disciplines not only test your physical skills such as strength, endurance and speed, but also mental agility, strategic thinking and team spirit.

From the creative pipeline challenge to the innovative aerial rocket shoot to the thrilling log run, each discipline is carefully designed to tease out the diversity and strength of each team. Behind the fun and good humor lies a profound added value: the promotion of essential team skills such as cooperation, communication, trust and creativity.

Let our experienced facilitator guide you through this unique Olympiad, who will not only keep you entertained, but also provide valuable feedback and demonstrate how the lessons learned from the competitions can be seamlessly integrated into everyday teamwork.

Choose BITOU for your next team building event and experience how we combine fun and professional development to not only boost team performance, but also to sustainably promote the joy of working together. Because with us, there’s an extra portion of success on top of the fun – at no extra cost. Discover now how BITOU can transform your team!

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Which disciplines are part of the Team Olympics?

Classics include the tree trunk slalom and tower building. Creative disciplines such as a photo mission are also included. As you can see: It has a lot to do with cooperation, speed and communication – and also with simply trying things out. Depending on your time budget, you can choose up to 12 disciplines (standard 10 disciplines)

Is the Team Olympics also suitable for my team?

Experience an extraordinary break from everyday working life with the Team Olympics as a company outing that will bring fresh energy to your team! Ideal for all those who not only want to inspire with their company party, but also strengthen team spirit through playful competition. The Team Olympics is the perfect choice for companies that value a unique get-together and want to offer their employees an unforgettable experience. Turn your next company party into a highlight that focuses on fun, team spirit and sporting ambition.

At the end, the competing teams are once again combined into one group.

Finish off your team event with a shared highlight that will remain unforgettable! Our unique final task reunites your teams into a strong community. This highlight is more than just a conclusion – it is a symbolic new beginning that shows how important it is to pull together in everyday life. Let’s work together to ensure that your teams are strengthened, united and ready to tackle the challenges of everyday life with renewed energy and a shared focus.

Guaranteed: bad weather option

Regardless of the weather, our Team Olympics offer unlimited fun – indoors and outdoors! Don’t let the rain or cold slow you down. Our indoor option guarantees an unforgettable team experience where fun is never neglected.

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  • 6 – 3000
  • 120 - 240 minutes
  • Face to Face
  • Germany, EU and Switzerland
  • Year round
  • German, English
  • Indoor / Outdoor
Extra discipline Olympic quiz
Take the chance to earn extra points for your team with our exciting quiz while competing in other disciplines! An interactive experience that perfectly combines fun and competition. Be strategic, stay engaged and make a decisive contribution to your team's success. Take part in our quiz - your opportunity to shine in the breaks between disciplines and lead your team to the winner's podium.
The quick team impulse
Do you want to get your team moving, inspire, motivate, loosen up a meeting or simply say thank you - without having to book a complete team event? We also offer many of our team event modules individually or in abbreviated form. Get in touch with us!

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