Turn Around - Learn changing processes in a fun way!

  • 8 – 2.000
  • 60-120 minutes
  • Face to Face
Are you looking for team building measures that are local and can be held in the realms of a larger company event? Do you want to loosen your team up, allow it to be creative and playfully introduce them to changing processes? Then Turn Around is the perfect event for you.
Turn Around – Learn changing processes in a fun way

The concept

In a world where the smallest distractions can take us far away from our primary goals, the art of maintaining focus is becoming increasingly crucial. This fine-tuning of attention becomes all the more challenging as an ever-growing list of tasks brings unrelenting pressure and time stress. This reveals the need to skillfully allocate human resources and time to the tasks at hand in order to utilize the individual strengths of each person and ensure an effective distribution of roles.

The variety of tasks in “Turn around”, from creative tasks and mini-presentations to active exercises and logic puzzles, forces teams to sharpen their focus and use time effectively while emphasizing their individual strengths and the dynamic distribution of roles within the team. This practical application of the concepts of attention and teamwork in a real-life scenario emphasizes the importance of the principles described and shows how they can be implemented in a team-oriented and creative context.


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Open for changes

The tasks work beyond the boundaries of the team, bring fun and diversity to the teams, teach communication amongst each other and show in a playful way that processes of change don’t mean anything negative. Quick decisions amongst each other and openness towards the new tasks leads to sustainable learning for your team. At the end of the event, a reflection to change is possible.


Unless anything else has been arranged, prepare the location. This should be big enough so that the small groups can sit together at tables. BITOU takes on the organisation of the event and supplies you with all of the necessary materials.

Do you want to introduce your team to the world of change management and agile working in a fun way? In our Planetary Saga, participants learn in a playful way how to deal with change and actively participate in change.

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At a glance


  • 8 – 2.000
  • 60-120 minutes
  • Face to Face
  • Germany
  • Year round
  • German, English
  • Indoor
The perfect team impulse
Turn around is perfect as a team impulse for in between or as the beginning of a large event. With a duration of 60-120 minutes and an uncomplicated and quick set-up, it is flexible. On request, we can adapt the tasks so that you can bring up the topics of your company.

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