Escape Room digital – Return of Invest: Team success!

  • 6–3.000
  • 60–120 minutes
  • Virtual
A hacker has stolen data from your company and is threatening to destroy everything. However, he isn’t demanding any ransom money - but he wants you to solve a task for him. And in 45 minutes! Win the digital fight in the escape room against the hacker and the clock, rescue your company - together in a team. Get back what belongs to you with a strategy and quick decisions.
Virtual Escape Game – Beat The Hacker

Beat the Hacker – the concept

Work on a task together. Think strategically, find solutions in the team, communicate clearly. Set yourselves challenges curiously and await the victory together: in the digital escape room “Beat the Hacker”, colleagues experience all of that together – not at a table, but on a screen. The event is based on the genius idea of an escape room, but takes place purely digitally.

The tasks

Logical, creative, strategic – the tasks are diverse so that each colleague can bring their own strengths to the table. The best foundation for a team reflection!

Beat the Hacke klein NEU

Your advantage

Through the purely online format, the teams work together independently of time and place. The team will leave the event strengthened in the area of digital work. Through diverse tasks, fun and trills are guaranteed for everyone.


All of the colleagues connect with each other from their individual location though video connection. You only need a mobile phone, tablet or a laptop or computer in order to participate in the online escape game.

During the event

Our event manager accompanies the team event with a professional presentation. The software is easy to use, so that everyone can participate actively. During the digital escape rooms, our team is always available for questions.

What happens next?

What would be the point of the most creative and thrilling team event if its effect came to nothing? Our trainers and coaches offer an in depth feedback on how your team worked together as an additional service.

At a glance


  • 6–3.000
  • 60–120 minutes
  • Virtual
  • Worldwide
  • Year round
  • German, English
Professional reflection for your team development
What would be the point of the most creative, thrilling team event if the effects came to nothing? Our trainers and coaches offer an additional service of deeper feedback for working together in your team.
Trill through maximum entertainment
Thrilling team spirit doesn’t arise from brainwork, not individually at a desk – but through doing things, through community, through the contagious feelings of the colleagues.

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