Building rocket cars - the technical team experience

  • 6-100
  • 120-180 minutes
  • Face to Face
Just air and water - nothing else is needed to power a rocket car! Well… the right technology is also needed. Building rocket cars is a team event for keen inventors, those who have remained a child at heart and colleagues that like to get to the bottom of important things: how far can a self-crafted rocket car actually roll? And how does it work?
Building rocket cars – the technical team experience

Build and drive rocket cars – this is how the team event works

BITOU provides each team with chosen building materials for the rocket car building: wheels, axes, pipes, rolls, ropes, tubes and more. We also provide the tools, such as hammers, saws, drills, screws or nails. In this way, all of the required utensils are there for every creative rocket car idea, and the teams can completely concentrate on being creative and on trumping the other teams.

In small groups, the teams now develop ideas on how they can make their rocket car fit for a race. Stability and aerodynamics are thought through. And of course the design, so that the rocket car looks impressive on the strip. Then, the building begins.

After about 60 minutes, it’s time: the race begins. Ready on the ramps, steady – and go! Which rocket car will drive the furthest and trump the other teams?

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Building rocket cars

What is a rocket car?

A rocket car is a vehicle that is powered by a rocket engine. In our case, the air pressure is built up using a pump – and the rocket car can be shot as far as its wheels will carry it.

What happens if the weather is bad?

Don’t worry: BITOU has an appropriate variety of team events ready, which can be played inside or online.

Our chain reaction compact can be used in a variety of ways.
Due to the easily plannable duration of the game and the small amount of space required, Chain Reaction Compact can be integrated into a wide variety of events. Chain Reaction Compact can also be used as a stand-alone team event to get teams into action and working well together.

What do we have to prepare?

If you like, nothing at all: BITOU takes over the moderation, instructs the teams in their tasks and supplies all building materials. If you wish (for an extra charge), we can even take care of a location near you – just ask us about it.

Is »rocket car building« appropriate for my team?

Rocket car building is particularly appropriate for a team event if you would like to focus on exchanges and joint activities. It’s about so-called »team bonding«. If there are particular topics you would like to work through, or if there are certain blocks in your team, we will happily recommend another team event with team building elements in a personal conversation.

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  • 6-100
  • 120-180 minutes
  • Face to Face
  • Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Europe
  • April - November
  • German, English
  • outdoor
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