After work online party – the quick remote team event

  • 6 - 100
  • 30 - 80 minutes
  • Virtual
The after work online party is an online quiz. But not as you know it. As colleagues have to personally exchange information and communicate well with each other, in order to quickly get to the right answer! In competition with the other teams, the good mood grows with every round. This remote team event is quick fun at the end of a working day for teams in home office who finally want to get a sense of an us-feeling again.
After work online party – the quick remote team event

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The idea behind the online quiz

Finally celebrating together again! For teams in home office, it is not that easy to spontaneously chat, laugh, get to know each other and feel as one. For this reason: just invite them to an after work party again. This also works as a remote team event.

The online quiz after work party begins with a quick ice-breaker round in the virtual lobby. The colleagues will receive a link to it in advance. After that, the group will be split up into at least two teams – and let’s go!

All of the teams puzzle simultaneously over the same quiz tasks. A countdown begins. Points are received – of course – when the tasks are solved correctly before the time is up. In competition with the other teams, the desire to win and a good mood grows with every round.

Why “quiz tasks” and not “quiz questions”?

Because unlike a classic online quiz, with this remote team event there are not only guessing games, but a total of four mini games. You can choose these from multiple suggestions in the preparation, including:

  • Monday painters/pictionary
  • Who said that?
  • Fun fact matching
  • The quickest buzzer
  • Quiz variations from classics, to emoji puzzles and to guessing celebrities with warped faces.

Colleagues take part in exchanges

Maybe you know the classic online quiz games from the Norwegian learning platform Kahoot! It is known for the fact that users can easily create interactive elements such as surveys and online quizzes. These are individually filled in by the participants on their screens.

The most significant difference at our remote team event after work online party is that real interaction arises: the teams find themselves in a video chat, communicate with each other in order to get to the correct answer – and for each team, a colleague takes “the lead” and presses the buzzer. This task changes each round for others to have a turn.

The finishing photo

At the end of the remote team event, all of the teams come together once more in the virtual lobby. This is where the winners are celebrated and there will be a finishing photo in the “photo booth,” where everybody can give each other nicknames, hats, moustaches and other attributes.

The preparation for the remote team event

The participation in the after work online party is conceivably simple: the colleagues receive a link sent to them, click on it – and find themselves in a virtual lobby. There are no software installations necessary! All you need is a webcam, headphones and a stable wifi connection.

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  • 6 - 100
  • 30 - 80 minutes
  • Virtual
  • Worldwide
  • Year round
  • German, English
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