Remote chain reaction – the absolutely mad team event goes online

  • 6-200
  • 60-180 minutes
  • Virtual
Ping! A chain reaction has to clatter, ring, beep and rustle. The noisy setting is simply part of this fun-filled team event. The team builds a mechanical construction out of funnels, tubes, balls and kitchen utensils. The aim is to finally set the chain in motion through a domino effect. And this works online?! Yes, it does.
Chain reaction remote

This is how the virtual chain reaction works

In order for the chain reaction to take place live purely virtually, the participant number can’t be too large. A maximum of one hundred colleagues individually connect with each other from home office in an online conference. After an introduction from the BITOU presenter, everyone builds their own section of the virtual chain reaction. For example, it could look like this: a fork falls to the floor, makes a lego tower fall over, which causes a ball to roll which then falls into a bucket of water.

Important: the beginning and the end always has to be the same as the part before or after. The inventors have to therefore coordinate well amongst each other.



Kettenreaktion klein

How does the chain reaction come together?

All colleagues film their cut of the virtual chain reaction and send it to the BITOU presenters. We will add all of the single videos together and make one large video. This happens rather quickly: in around 30 minutes, the video is ready. The time in between is used by the teams for exchanges, to chat and for a joint reflection.

Reflection in the team

Efficiently working together from different locations in everyday working life nowadays can no longer be dismissed. The virtual chain reaction makes teams aware of what they need: good, lively communication.

The results also show how different colleagues think: the persistent analyst builds a completely different chain reaction section than the creative head or the thought through strategist.

How do the materials get to us?

We will happily send a packet in advance with funnels, tubes and balls to your company location and you distribute it in your team – or the team members look for suitable objects themselves at home. In addition to this, you will also receive instructions and we will discuss everything with you in advance in more detail.

Further variants of the chain reaction

Chain reaction is a real classic in our team event selection and a registered trademark of BITOU. It is available in various versions: as a particularly compact, sustainable “chain reaction fix,” where only recyclable materials are used as a duel between two teams, as a hybrid event or an event with a Christmas flair. Are you interested in an individual variant of the chain reaction? Just get in touch with us!

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  • 6-200
  • 60-180 minutes
  • Virtual
  • Worldwide
  • German, English
  • Year round
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