Spaghetti bridge building as a hybrid event - discover a stable team for remote work

  • 3-300
  • 100-180 minutes
  • Hybrid
Building a spaghetti bridge, that is real engineering art. And the proof that many fragile pieces can result in a highly stable whole - much like a well experienced team! As a hybrid team event, spaghetti bridge building is especially appropriate for remote teams who want to learn how to work together with each other better at a distance.
Spaghetti bridge building Hybrid

Spaghetti bridge building – the concept

How do you build a bridge out of spaghetti that can hold a kilo of flour without breaking? Some fiddle about and solve the task technically, mechanically or statically. Others just copy from pictures – and reproduce the Golden Gate Bridge, Tower Bridge or the Tatara Bridge. Everything is allowed. The main thing is that the bridge remains intact.

Spaghetti bridge building originally comes from higher educational institutions. For 20 years in Budapest, Hungary, the best people in this discipline have been looked for. Spaghetti bridges have been built which can withstand up to 500 kilograms. It won’t be as highly professional at the hybrid event as at the Óbuda University. But it is also here where impressive constructions, made from hot glue and spaghetti, materialise.

Why a hybrid team event?

Classically at spaghetti bridge building, small teams of around 3-6 people work on one bridge. This is why the challenge is especially appropriate as a hybrid team event. Small groups come together to a location, work on their bridges – and are connected with the other groups online via a video conference.

The BITOU presentation is transmitted live. And also the final weight test with a kilo of flour can easily be watched online.

Develop stable team architecture with reflection

At the very forefront of the team event is, of course, the team itself, and good entertainment. Our aspiration at BITOU is to give teams impulses that they can take and integrate into their everyday working lives.

The single results are comparable despite the distance. The exchange works despite the distance. And even though the small groups are only connected with each other virtually, the whole thing comes together and an us-feeling arises. What is needed for that? This is reflected upon by the colleagues in a final exchange, that we will happily present.

What do we have to prepare

Each team receives a packet sent to them in advance. Inside is spaghetti, hot glue, a kilo of flour and pictures from different bridges. You just let us know the addresses and choose a meeting software in which the hybrid team event will take place. On request, we will suggest one and will send the links.

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  • 3-300
  • 100-180 minutes
  • Hybrid
  • Worldwide
  • Year round
  • German, English
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