Team training – the shortcut to efficient work

  • up to 200
  • from 240 minutes
  • Face to Face


What even is a team? A group that works together in order to reach a particular goal. Every now and then there are disturbances, that is normal. But when a team is not able to solve these themselves, it is time to jointly analyse and look for solutions. For this, team training is appropriate.
Team training – the shortcut to efficient work

What exactly happens at team training?

We analyse the disturbing factors together in advance – either in a small round between BITOU and the HR managers, or completely openly and transparently with the team. From this, we gain learning aims for the team training. For example: to listen and inform each other. Or to understand, which people in the team has a need for a sense of belongingness and which people aim for independence. It can also be an aim to develop a constructive group climate, in which creativity can derive and be brought to life.

In order to reach their competencies or aims, colleagues have to be open for changes. As the new competencies are developed in the team, the groups learn along with the process.

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Does it also work online?

Yes – and as a hybrid team event! When your colleagues are in different locations anyway, you save time and travel costs. In addition, many teams already work digitally, or still have some learning to overcome as they are on the way to doing so. Then it can be sensible to allow the team event to take place online – just talk to us about it!

At a glance

  • up to 200
  • from 240 minutes
  • Face to Face
  • Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Europe
  • Year round
  • German, English
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