Martina Richter

Trainer, facilitator, change agent
important stations
  • Since 2009: Martina Richter Consulting
  • 2003-2008: Management consultant (strategy)
Martina Richter
Deutschlandkarte Munich
Sprachen dt. / eng.

„Values are like fingerprints. No two are alike, but you leave them on everything you do. (Elvis Presley)“

About me

Connecting people with themselves and others in order to achieve sustainable success together in a mindful, valuable way: that is my heart’s desire. This requires a protected space to receive new impulses, to try things out & to reflect on oneself.

I look forward to creating this space for you and with you – in a practical and human way, in the form of trainings or workshops.


  • Private sector
  • Public service
  • Scientific institutions

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