FAQ´s Black Out


For which team/ group size in Black out suitable?

Black Out is suitable for all group sizes up to 2000 participants. Ideally, teams should consist of 4-6 members. The minimum team size is 4

Why is Black Out a ideal team building / team bonding?

Black Out combines the commitment of an individual employee ideally with teamwork. In the first step, each team member goes outside and collects clues. In the second step, intensive teamwork is required because the tasks can only be solved as a team. We assign Black Out to team building because teamwork can be reflected upon and there is an obvious transfer to everyday work.

How long does Black Out take?

BITOU recommends an event duration of between 1 and 2 hours. For most groups, a duration of between 90 and 120 minutes has proven to be effective. Shorter or longer durations are possible but require individual planning.

Are individualizations possible?

We are happy to include your logo in the surfaces. Customization is only possible as a whole (the complete story), individual parts cannot be customized because the event tells a coherent overall story.


Where can Black Out take place?

Black Out can take place worldwide and spatially completely distributed. (Only the immediate vicinity of airports and military facilities are excluded, as the GPS signal can be disturbed there).

Can Black Out als take place in a hybrid format?

Yes, wherever the participants gather at different locations.


What technology do I need?

You participate in Black Out with your own smartphone and your laptop/desktop. For the outdoor part, you only need a small app on your smartphone that you can delete immediately after the event. The required app can be downloaded for free from any app and play store. We are happy to provide you with smartphones or tablet PCs for a fee. For the second part, you need a laptop/desktop with a current browser (Internet Explorer is not possible.

Procedure and implementation

How long does the the outdoor part take?

Black Out is available in 2 versions. The teams decide for themselves how long they collect clues outside. To collect all the clues, the participants have to cover a distance of 2.4 or 3.6 km.

How long does the indoor part take?

Teams usually need at least 60 minutes to solve all tasks (indoor). How teams divide the time between collecting clues (outside) and solving tasks (inside) is their individual decision.

Can people with reduced mobility also participate?

This is easily possible, but please let us know in advance so that we can adjust the tasks if necessary.