FAQ´s Travel Around The World


For which group/ team size is Travel around the world suitable?

The total number of participants is almost unlimited (up to 1000 participants in Zoom). However, the participants are divided into small groups of 4-6 people. In exceptional cases, the game can also be played with 10 participants.

Why is Travel around the world a ideal team building/ team bonding?

The focus of Travel around the world is on the shared experience and exchange within the team. Participants are welcome to exchange experiences and adventures in various countries. We classify the trip around the world as team bonding

How long does Travel around the world take?

Travel around the world lasts 90-120 minutes by default. Individual adjustments are possible for an additional charge, including adjustments to the event time.

Are individualization possible?

Customizations are possible. Branding, own videos, own questions for a fee.

Is Travel around the world a escape game?

No, it’s about completing questions and tasks related to different countries and collecting points.


What technology do I need?

For Travel around the world, at least one participant per team needs a PC or laptop that meets the requirements for participating in the video conference. All other participants can also participate with other devices that meet the requirements for participating in the video conference. We recommend participating with a laptop and an additional screen.

Can I participate with a tablet or smartphone?

In general, yes, but one person from each small group should participate from a laptop/computer.

What is the reason if I cannot open the website for Travel around the world?

To participate in Travel around the world, it is necessary for at least one team member to open a website via a current browser and then share their screen. If it is not possible to open the Reise rund um die Welt page, it may be that your company’s internal firewall is blocking access. Simply have your IT department unblock access. Another tip is to have another team member open the page.

Do I need to download a application?

No, the game is web-based.

Procedure and implementation

How much lead time is required?

Ideally, we require a lead time of at least 3 days. If you would like to book at short notice, please contact us and we will find very short-term solutions.

Do we need to assign the teams beforehand?

If possible, yes, as this saves event time. However, allocation can also be random during the event.

In which language is Travel around the world available?

The trip around the world is currently available in German and English. Other languages are possible by arrangement.