Deep sea expedition - motivation thought into the depths

  • 5 – 300
  • 180 – 240 min
  • Face to Face
A deep-sea expedition presents the crew with major challenges. In this activity, teams learn about three important levers for sustained motivation - not theoretically, but concretely. From person to person. Immediately effective. Together, teams explore 3 key questions in the process:
· Who are you?
· What do you love to do?
· How would you most like to be valued?
Dive with your team into the depths of lasting employee motivation. Get to know the DELI (deeply embedded life interests). Strengthen motivation through the 5 languages of appreciation.
main topics:
Deep sea expedition – motivation thought into the depths

An expedition to your inner drives and needs

And in the words of Max Frisch:

“Employees are wanted,
but people will come.”

This simulation decodes what science calls intrinsic motivation. A term that is often used without really knowing how we can practically use the energy hidden behind it for ourselves and others.

Appreciation is an indispensable building block for the sustained willingness to perform and the emotional attachment of people to a company and a team. Teams learn the languages of appreciation. But only when we know and speak the language of the recipient can appreciation given unfold its full power.

Teamentwicklung Beratung

Get to know your motivators and those of your teammates and colleagues

Deeply rooted life interests (DELIs) and addressing them has been shown to have an extraordinarily positive impact on personal satisfaction and team success. Understanding of DELIs is further enhanced when contributions to team success are acknowledged in the right language and form.
The team development activity “Deep Sea Expedition” was developed in cooperation with the best-selling author Holger Rathgeber (author of “The Penguin Principle” and “The Meerkat Principle”) and our team trainers.
Dive into the depths with your team and increase:

  • Motivation and commitment: A deeply rooted life interest motivates in a sustainable and lasting way, increases commitment to work and utilizes previously unconscious abilities.
  • Balance and satisfaction: A life interest helps to find a balance in life and to achieve a sense of satisfaction and contentment, which has a positive effect on work.
  • Improving communication: by using the language of appreciation, a team can develop positive and supportive communication that helps build and strengthen relationships within the team.
  • Creativity and innovation: deep interest can also be a source of creativity and innovation, as it can inspire employees and bring new ideas and perspectives.
  • Networking: A deep interest can also lead to networking and collaboration with others who are also interested in what drives a leader forward.


Participants become aware of their own motivators and learn about the intrinsic motivations of their colleagues. In the joint moderated reflection, a space of possibilities and opportunities is created from which very concrete changes for the daily work can be taken away. The languages of appreciation can be used in a targeted way.

  1. The emotional bond in the teams is significantly strengthened
  2. A lasting motivation is achieved

Learning effects

The participants develop an awareness and common understanding around the topics of inner motivators and appreciation. The participants can positively change their everyday work with their own motivators and those of their colleagues.


We measure understanding of each other in terms of preferred languages of appreciation and motivating tasks. These values can be used in comparison with other teams worldwide or, if the measurement is repeated at a later date, to track the progress of your team.

Possible occasions

  • As an intervention to build high-performance teams
  • Improving employee engagement
  • Breaking down silos
  • Reducing team performance
  • Recognizing the potential of teams


Participants will also gain an understanding of the 5 languages of appreciation as an additional motivational reinforcement.

Customer reviews

“Gave us a deep understanding of what motivates us or sometimes makes it difficult in our daily work.”

Employees of Lufthansa AG

At a glance

Included services

  • Detailed consultation in advance
  • Implementation and moderation
  • Licensing costs
  • Measurement result with evaluation
  • Analysis and reflection by our team trainer

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  • 5 – 300
  • 180 – 240 min
  • Face to Face
  • Europe
  • German, English
  • 1,5 m2 per participant, at least 20 m2
  • Year round

Suitable for

  • Middle to top management
  • Teams that want to develop further

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