Christmas Escape Game - Santa Claus

  • 4 – 2000
  • 60-120 minutes
  • Virtual
Santa Claus is very busy. He has loaded up a lot of presents. However, some have been stolen from the sleigh on the way by strangers. How does he find them again? With our help, of course! Everyone must work together as a team to help Santa get all the gifts back.
Christmas Escape Game – Santa Claus

The idea: flexible feasible Escape Game

In the outdoor version, exercise in the fresh air is the order of the day – either everyone goes alone or colleagues meet personally in small groups to pick up the trail of Santa Claus and collect clues. Afterwards, the teams meet in the common location to solve the riddles of the Escape Game.

The indoor version is designed in such a way that it can take place in any location, e.g. as an accompaniment to dinner or as a social program.

In the online version, the participants go outside individually and collect clues in order to solve the Escape Game together in a virtual meeting.

However: One clue alone is never enough to solve the puzzle! Only the combination of several clues provides clarity. This turns the Christmas party into a real team-building event: It takes every single person to reach a happy ending.


Weihnachtsfeier digital raus mit SantaClaus unten

The course of events

The Christmas Party begins with a small introduction from the BITOU presenter.

Then the colleagues go outside or stay inside – alone or in groups, depending on whether it is a purely digital or hybrid event. Now they collect clues by moving around: a clue on the app will be played every 200 meters. Each person can collect a maximum of 18 clues, walking up to four kilometres.

The team comes together again online or face to face after the clues have been collected to solve the tasks together. The individual teams (4 to 7 participants) are in competition with each other.

Clue categories

In order to find one of the presents from Santa Claus again, four clues must be available. The clues are divided into four different categories: there are A, B, C, and D clues. Each individual colleague is played only one clue category on their phone. That means: in order to solve one task, at least four alert colleagues are needed.

Decide together

Each team decides for themselves how they would like to divide their game time. If there is one hour available, there are multiple options:

  • 30 minutes of quick walking and then 30 minutes of puzzling and solving tasks
  • 20 minutes of running in order to collect as many clues as possible, and 40 minutes of puzzling and solving tasks
  • 30 minutes of relaxed walking, maybe only collecting 10 clues each, and then 30 minutes puzzling and solving tasks – and with a lot of luck and skill, the teams will have collected all of the presents again.

Switch flexibly at short notice?

What if face-to-face meetings are not possible after all? BITOU offers you the opportunity to flexibly convert your physical Christmas event into an online Christmas party (at no extra charge) at short notice. Book now, decide later.

At a glance


  • 4 – 2000
  • 60-120 minutes
  • Virtual
  • Worldwide
  • Winter
  • German, English
  • Indoor / Outdoor
  • face to face / virtual
Flexible Escape Game
Everything is possible with this Christmas event: physical or online, indoor or outdoor: BITOU offers you the possibility to transform your physical Christmas event into an online Christmas party (at no extra charge) at short notice and in a flexible way.

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