Nicola Hartung

important stations
  • Business Trainer BDVT e.V. (2016)
  • Accompanying agilization at a communications and IT company (since 2018)
  • MicroMaster Program Instructional Design University of Maryland (ongoing) Design
Nicola Hartung
Deutschlandkarte Berlin
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„People rise above themselves when they work with others toward a common goal.“

About me

“My job is to create the right framework for your team, where each individual feels safe enough to show up as they are. To question, to shine, to doubt, to learn and to grow.
Not in an esoteric, touchy-feely sense, but out of the deepest conviction that people grow beyond themselves when they can make a real connection with others to achieve a goal together.
To do this, I use a variety of tools and methods: storytelling, positive psychology, NLP, improv theater.
Anything that helps your team on its journey is right. ”


  • Communication and IT
  • Robotics
  • Automotive

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