Felix Neugebauer

Team trainer and moderator
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  • Social / pedagogical studies
  • Managing Director BITOU South
  • Certified Team Coach
Felix Neugebauer
Deutschlandkarte Freiburg
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„Coaching unlocks people’s potential to maximize their own performance. It helps them learn for themselves, rather than teaching them. – John Whitmore – “

About me

My job is not to teach teams how to do things better, but to get them to reflect on their actions, broaden their perspectives, allow them to experience their potential and make the emotions in the team possible in a protected space.

Not to show them weaknesses, but to reveal to them the possibilities that lie within them as a team. Breaking out of the daily routine and expanding comfort zones are the keys to unfolding here.

I make this possible through: playful learning, experiencing and understanding, Socratic conversation, improv theater, sociometry, and my entire method kit that is always with me.

And the great thing about it?! No one can do anything wrong! Because there are no mistakes – There are only experiences and the individual reactions to them.



  • Roche
  • b.telligent
  • Würth

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