FAQ´s Adventure Everest


For which group/ team size is Adventure Everest suitable?

Adventure Everest Hybrid is suitable for all group sizes between 8 and 400 participants. Ideally, teams should consist of 5-8 members. If you have a larger group than 400 participants, please contact our sales team as there are proven solutions for this case as well.

Why is Adventure Everest a ideal team building/ team bonding?

Adventure Everest Hybrid is a very intense team building. The role understanding and decision-making processes in the team become very clear very quickly. The other teams and the overall company are always kept in mind. Our team trainers often use Adventure Everest online as an entry point for effective team training.

How long does Adventure Everest take?

BITOU recommends an event duration of between 2.5 and 3.5 hours. Shorter or longer durations are possible but require an individual concept.

Are individualizations possible?

We are happy to add your logo to the surfaces. The concept is self-contained and can only be individualized in a few details.


Can Adventure Everest also take place in a hybrid or online format?

Yes, hybrid wherever the participants can gather at different locations and be connected online. The online version is perfect for playing in the home office or office and is popular with globally distributed teams.

What premises are required?

The required room size for Adventure Everest depends on the number of participants. The room should be at least 25 square meters. For the setup, approximately 15 square meters are required plus approximately 1-2 square meters per participant.

What room furnishings are required?

One work table (conference table) per team plus 2 tables for the setup. In addition, we need a screen, projector and sound system (BITOU provides them for a fee if necessary)

How long will the room be needed?

We need approximately 60 minutes to prepare the room.

We usually need about 15 minutes to clean up the room.


What technology do I need?

The participants do not need any technology to participate. We need a screen, projector, and sound system (BITOU provides them for a fee if necessary).

Procedure and implementation

How does Adventure Everest typically work?

Approximately 15-20 minutes of introduction and explanations,

90 minutes of planning, decision-making, discussion, and celebrating successes,

and 30-60 minutes of debriefing and reflection