FAQ´s Crime Time Online


For which group/ team size is Crime Time Online suitable?

Crime Time Online is suitable for all group sizes between 5 and 1000 participants. Ideally, teams should consist of 5-12 participants. If you have a larger group than 1000 participants, please contact our sales team. We have proven solutions for this case as well.

Why is Crime Time Online a ideal team building / team bonding?

Crime Time Online is a very intense team bonding experience as it involves a lot of communication and interaction within the team. We are always amazed at how much creativity exists within the teams.

How long does Crime Time Online take?

BITOU recommends an event duration of 90 to 120 minutes. Shorter or longer durations are possible but require an individualized concept.

Are individualizations possible?

Your logo can be added to the surfaces. The story is self-contained and can only be customized in a few details.


Can Crime Time Online also take place in a hybrid or physical format?

Yes, we are happy to host the event wherever the participants gather at different locations. The physical version also works with haptic elements. For the physical implementation, we need approximately 2 square meters of space and a canvas per participant.


What thechnology do I need?

For Crime Time Online, all you need is an internet connection, preferably via a laptop or desktop computer. (Participation via a tablet or smartphone is also possible, but not as comfortable.)

In addition, you need to have the ability to participate in an online meeting (microphone and speakers or headset). We are happy to provide the meeting software (Zoom, MS Teams, WebEx) for you.

Procedure and implementation

How does Crime Time Online typically work?

The participants first meet together in the plenary. Then, all participants with the same roles will exchange information about their role for 15 minutes in breakout rooms. In the second round, all different roles (investigation teams) will meet and try to expose the perpetrator among them within a maximum of 50 minutes. In the final round, all investigation teams can express their suspicions in the plenary, and the accused can defend themselves. After that, the case is resolved. (Changes are possible depending on team and group sizes)

When will the roles be sent?

The participants receive their roles one day before the event. Short-term role changes or cancellations can only be implemented with additional effort, so the roles are not sent out earlier.

What happens if someone drops out at short notice?

If the person is not the perpetrator, the failure of a role can be implemented with manageable effort and at short notice. If the person is the perpetrator, the event must be partially reset.