FAQ´s Mission to Mars


For which group / team size is Mission to Mars suitable?

Mission to Mars is suitable for all group sizes up to 3000 participants. Ideally, teams should consist of 3-7 members.

Why is Mission to Mars a ideal team building / team bonding?

Mission to Mars focuses on communication within teams. With each session (4 sessions are possible at most), communication can be measurably improved. This makes Mission to Mars an ideal component in the team building process or as an active part of team training.

How long does Mission to Mars take?

Mission to Mars can be conducted in up to 4 consecutive sessions. Each session can also be booked individually. A session lasts 26 minutes plus introduction and feedback. Usually, 2 sessions are played per appointment

Are individualizations possible?

Currently, no customizations are possible due to the precisely coordinated content. The intro video can be customized for the company if desired.


Can Mission to Mars also take place in a hybrid or physical format?

Mission to Mars can also be conducted as a hybrid event with multiple teams at different locations. Mission to Mars is not suitable as an on-site event at one location.


What technology do I need?

For Mission to Mars, each participant needs a PC or laptop that meets the requirements for participating in the video conference. In addition, a current browser is sufficient for participating in Mission to Mars. Exception: Participation with Internet Explorer is not possible.

Can I participate with a tablet or smartphone?

Opening a website and a meeting software (Zoom, MS Teams, Webex, etc.) is necessary. Multitasking is difficult to implement on small screens. Even if it would work technically, it severely limits the participants’ experience and is not recommended by us.

What is the reason if I cannot open the website for Mission to Mars?

To participate in Mission to Mars, it is necessary to open a website using an up-to-date browser. If opening the Mission to Mars page is not possible, it may be that your company’s internal firewall is blocking access. Simply have your IT department unblock access.

Procedure and implementation

How much lead time is required?

Ideally, a minimum of 5 days lead time is required. If you wish to book at short notice, please contact us and we will find very short-term solution.

Can the grouping be changed at short notice?

When the participants are assigned to a fixed team, we need the team allocation 2 days before the event. If the team allocation can be random, we do not need any lead time.