FAQ´s Smart City Challenge


For which group / team size is Smart City Challenge suitable?

The Smart City Challenge is suitable for all group sizes up to 3000 participants. Ideally, teams should consist of 4-5 members.

Why is Smart City Challenge a ideal team building / team bonding?

The Smart City Challenge is mainly about team bonding. Participants perceive themselves as a team and exchange ideas with each other while solving tasks together. We can realize team building as an individual solution in small groups with intensive support.

How long does Smart City Challenge take?

BITOU recommends an event duration between 1 and 4 hours. For most groups, a duration between 90 and 120 minutes has proven to be effective. Shorter or longer durations are possible but require an individual concept.

What is the difference between Smart City Challenge and a ordinary geocatching?

The Smart City Challenge is a kind of advancement of the classic geocaching. By using mobile phones instead of GPS devices, many new possibilities have emerged that make the event more varied.

Are individualizations possible?

Yes, definitely! We can add individual questions. We can also put your logo on the mobile phone surface and change the points that need to be run individually. Or do you need your own complete “game”? No problem, that’s possible too.


Where can the Smart City Challenge take place?

The Smart City Challenge can take place throughout Europe. (Only the immediate vicinity of airports and military facilities is excluded, as GPS signals may be disrupted there). On request, the Smart City Challenge can also be started simultaneously in several cities. By the way, the Smart City Challenge can also take place in nature, even if the name does not suggest it.

Can the Smart City Challenge start directly at my conference location?

Yes, where ever your conference takes place.


What technology do I need?

You participate in the Smart City Challenge with your own smartphone. You only need a small app that you can delete immediately after the event. The required app can be downloaded for free from any app and play store. We are happy to provide you with smartphones or tablet PCs for a fee.

Are projectors and screens needed?

For large groups of 100 participants or more, it has proven useful to support the introduction to the Smart City Challenge with presentation technology. If possible, the introduction is preferably held in the conference room with a projector and microphone.

Procedure and implementation

How much time is required for setup and dismantling?

We are ready to start at the agreed time for all BITOU events. We need about 10 minutes for setup.

Can people with reduced mobility also participate?

This is easily possible, but please let us know in advance so that we can adjust the tasks if necessary.