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The history of BITOU

Here are some outstanding events:

  • Fall 2003: BITOU GmbH is founded and starts with the first guided bike tours in the Black Forest.
  • June 2004: Organization of the first event for DHL – an MTB rally through the Black Forest with various refreshment stops.
  • 2004: Organization of the first Transalp tour for MTBs and the first riding technique training sessions. Start of the first geocaching events, making BITOU the first provider of team geocaching in Germany.
  • 2006: Introduction of the first team development training, including team training with a sweat lodge.
  • 2010: Reaching more than 1000 bike tour guests and more than 100 events per year.
  • 2011: Implementation of the first chain reaction.
  • 2012: Sale of the cycle tour division to BeiTune and focus on team training and team events, introduction of the first Tab Team Challenge and first provider of Tabs on the German market.
  • 2013 Registration of the “Kettenreaktion” brand
  • 2014: Development of Team Mopoly.
  • 2015: Invention of the rocket car.
  • 2017: Opening of the BITOU Nord branch.
  • 2020: Development of over 20 digital formats, adaptation to the coronavirus pandemic with a range of virtual, hybrid and physical events. “Beat the Hacker” becomes a sales hit during the coronavirus crisis.
  • 2021: Foundation of BITOU Süd GmbH and BITOU Nord GmbH, digitalization of Abenteuer Everest and other products, expansion to become the largest provider of digital teambuilding offers in Germany.
  • 2022: Launch of Before Mars, Planetary Saga, Chocolate Factory, Rome and revision of the website with special areas for team events and team development.
  • 2023: Invention of the Lego Creative Game and Lego Serious Play Dynamics as well as the Deep Sea Expedition.
  • 2024 -> Your future with BITOU
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Your future with BITOU

Discover the future of work with BITOU – your compass in times of change. In an era where change is the only constant, BITOU stands by your side to support you with forward-thinking solutions. We understand the challenges you face and are committed to empowering your teams by motivating them and increasing their efficiency.

Our proven BITOU method promises continuous impetus for the dynamic development of your teams, so that every employee feels a full sense of belonging to their team and company.

Stay one step ahead with us – subscribe to our newsletter now and gain access to exclusive insights and innovations that will lead your company into the future. With BITOU, you are ideally equipped not only to master change, but to make it your strength.

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