Future City 4.0 – make teamwork creative

  • 20 – 1000
  • 180 min (without reflection)
  • Face to Face
What could the town of the future look like? In Future City 4.0, we work with visions and teach our leadership and management skills for teamwork with higher performance.
main topics:
Future City 4.0 – make teamwork creative

Developing a vision together – the story

Big towns have always been based on visions of people living together in a better way in a cultural, political, economical and societal context. More than half of the world’s population now lives in megacities – by 2050, this proportion is estimated to increase to two thirds according to estimates by the United Nations.

The strong urban trend is a phenomenon that has only been observed for 200 years. In 1800, only about three percent of the world’s population live in metropolises. Today, more than 20 million people live in Mumbai, Karatschi, Shanghai or Tokio.

Worldwide, the size of the towns is increasing further. New and innovative concepts are needed in order to make the cohabitation of many millions of people in a small amount of space more sustainable and efficient. Asia shows the direction the future could go in: smart cities use digital technology for better connectivity and automisation, vertical gardening and the automisation of energy supplies for self-sufficiency.

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How »Future City 4.0« awakens visions in teamwork


Future City 4.0 is a simulation for visionary teamwork. Develop your vision of a future city together in teamwork and train your imagination, collaboration, leadership and management skills in a playful way.

Colleagues become builders and architects. You plan, potter and file on constructions made of cardboard, boards, tape, robots, 3D printers and more. You pour your future vision in a joint model and bring your vision to life.

Learning effects

Future City 4.0 puts the team in the position to work on a vision together and in this way creates a valuable simulation for working together on company visions. The team memebers train their leadership and management skills and work together on their imagination and their implementability.


Can the vision be impemented with the provided ressources in the given time? In Future City 4.0, the degree of innovation, the use of ressources and the degree of completion is measured. The figures provide clues as to which visions have the chance to be implemented in the groups/teams and how the realationship between leadership and management is represented.

Possible occasions

  • New leadership meets an exsisting team
  • Integrative communication of team and group aims
  • Roles in the team should be clearer
  • Changes to the structure or content
  • New requirements of the team
  • Awaken interest for new topics


Future City 4.0 is particularly appropriate for large groups. A visible, touchable result arises with a lot of symbolic power.

Customer reviews

“From the vision to the final city. A shared experience that not only welds and makes proud but also trains a result-oriented way of working. Thank you for the fun execution and valuable analysis.”

HR management of a large automotive manufacturer


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At a glance

Included services

  • Extenisve advice beforehand
  • Implementation and presentation
  • Rentable recycled material
  • Consumable material
  • Licence costs
  • Measured results with analysis
  • Analysis and reflection by our team trainer*

*only available if you book the active module with trainer.


  • 20 – 1000
  • 180 min (without reflection)
  • Face to Face
  • Europe
  • German, English
  • 1 m2 per participant, at least 20 m2
  • Year round

Suitable for

  • Companies that want to encourage their colleagues to support new visions
  • Leadership teams that would like to practice implementaion of visions

Are you interested? Choose your trainer and send us your request.

We will contact you immediately to discuss the details (scope, procedure of the team development) and to provide you with a non-binding offer.

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