Mars Pioneers – overcoming team limits

  • 4 – 500
  • 90 – 120 min (without reflection)
  • Face to Face
Only if all teams work together can an oxygen system be built on Mars that will secure the survival of the human race. This team development exercise requires team spirit, cohesion and clear communication. "Mars Pioneers" takes place outdoors and the participants literally load up on oxygen.
main topics:
Mars Pioneers – overcoming team limits

Together to Mars – The Story

How would you inhabit a new planet if you got the chance to do it today? This is the exact situation your team will experience in the outdoor team event “Mars-Pioneers.” The story behind the activity tells you how a group of brave people set off in order to explore Mars – the ressoures on Earth are used up.

The aim of the outdoor activity is to build a new town on Mars so that new settlers from Earth can relocate there. On the way there, the colleagues find out everything there is to know about Mars and also about the use of ressources on Earth. They concern themselves with sustainbale concepts – and get to know each other as a team and their own way of working in a new way.

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How »Mars-Pioneers« awakens team spirit


»Mars-Pionieers« gets the teams moving and in communication with each other and also out into the fresh air.

»Mars-Pioneers« emits the character of real team spirit. As only with good, overall team communication can the pioneers reach a new, sustainable town before the first oxygen reserves are used up. The teams feel: those who are in competition against each other, lose.

A cooperation culture, the effective collaboration of colleagues with the most diverse skills and clear communication within the team are crutial to reach the goal.

Learning effects

The teams learn that planning and clear communication brings everyone to the same destination and if one team is missing, the whole organisation doesn’t reach the set goals. The teams have to support each other and develop real team spirit – this is the only way to be successful.


The measured variables give clues as to how effectively the teams cooperate and communicate. A comparision with other teams/groups is possible.

Possible occasions

  • Merging of teams/departments
  • New team members join the team
  • Strengthening the team connection
  • Optimisation of the external and internal intersections
  • Strengthening of team spirit and us-feeling to create more value for everyone


»Mars-Pioneers« is carried out in October. Four teams are put into one group, who then have to reach a common goal/result.

Customer reviews

“Team development outdoors. This switch alone helped to break us out of our usual routine. Initially lacking cooperation and competitive thinking among the groups were mercilessly uncovered, reflected and corrected towards a goal-oriented team work. Thanks to BITOU and Mr. Brink.”

Head of department of a German telecommunications company

At a glance

Included services

  • Extenisve advice beforehand
  • Implementation and presentation
  • Licence costs
  • Measured results with analysis
  • Tablet PCs for rent (optional on your own smartphones)
  • Analysis and reflection by our team trainer*

*only available if you book the active module with trainer.


  • 4 – 500
  • 90 – 120 min (without reflection)
  • Face to Face
  • Europe
  • German, English
  • Mobile network
  • Year round

Suitable for

  • Leadership teams

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