Crazy Christmas – the Christmassy online escape game

  • 4 - 1.000
  • 120 minutes
  • Virtual
Advent, advent ... 24 little doors are waiting to be opened. Sounds simple. But which team will manage it first? With 24 tricky Christmas puzzles, some beads of sweat form on the foreheads of the colleagues – and a feeling of competition develops. But in the end, the winner at Christmas, as always, is the us-feeling. May the online Christmas party begin!
Crazy Christmas – the Christmassy online escape game
Rentierrennen online Motiv unten

The concept

Welcome to Santa Claus’ village! In this Christmassy escape game, you’ll bump into tricky Christmas elves, encounter Mrs Claus in front of the crackling fireplace and of course, discover many brightly coloured packages! Like every year in families all around the world, they should be laid in front of the fireplace. But before it comes to that, 24 puzzles must be solved.

It begins in small teams of at least four people: each colleague opens one of the doors. Only he or she can see the task that is hidden inside. The other team colleagues receive different clues and are allowed to guess. At the end, the person whose turn it is can enter the answer. Have you puzzled correctly?

The team that solves the 24 puzzles correctly first, wins. At the end, there is a happy, joint conclusion.

Four colours

There are four categories of clues that can help when puzzling: red, green, yellow and blue. In order to solve the puzzle and to open the next door, all of the clue categories are needed. That’s why there needs to be at least four colleagues per team.

The story

… is entertaining and a bit crazy. The characters in the Christmassy online escape game come from America, but are also known as funny stereotypes in Europe. Encounter Santa, his wife and their elves!

Appropriate for remote teams

A Christmas party in home office or from various locations? No problem! The Christmassy online escape game was especially designed for remote teams. We have built in many relationship building elements which allow an us-feeling to arise, despite the physical distance.

The technology

… works really easily, as the Christmassy online escape game is a browser based team event. You therefore do not have to install any software. Each colleague receives a link in advance. We will also happily offer a test run in advance.

At a glance


  • 4 - 1.000
  • 120 minutes
  • Virtual
  • Worldwide
  • October, November, December
  • German, English
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