Crime Time as a hybrid event - a search for traces in and beyond locations

  • 5–1.000
  • 90 minutes
  • Hybrid
How do teams exchange information beyond locations? This question occupies many companies. Crime Time as a hybrid team event helps to gain clarity and supplies new impulses for a team to create structures or refine them. The way leading to this is discovered by the colleagues themselves - with an exciting criminal case!
Crime Time Hybrid

The concept: solve a criminal case together

What drives team colleagues? What are their motives? At the team event Crime Time, it is all about knowing people and clever conclusions. Colleagues jointly investigate a criminal case – and unmask the perpetrator in their midst. And now, this also works as a hybrid event, reaching beyond the limits of time and space.

Crimetime Hybrid kleines Motiv

The course of events for the hybrid team event

At the Crime Time event as a hybrid team event, small groups of 5-8 colleagues meet at a location. Everyone greets each other and makes themselves comfortable. In a relaxed atmosphere, the team event can begin. Important: each participant has their own tablet, laptop or mobile phone with them in order to be able to individually connect to other teams later.

A BITOU presenter will tune in to an online conference. With a short and thrilling prolog, he/she introduces the story, a criminal case. Each player is then allocated a particular role in the story. How does this character think? What does he/she know about the perpetrator? Each player finds out about a part of the course of events. Through the course of the evening, the aim is to decode the whole story.

Let’s go:

  •  In the first game phase, the people who have come together in the same location talk to each other. Here, each character in the criminal case is represented once.
  • In the second game phase, the participants who have the same character connect with each other online.
  • Following this, the whole group comes together in an online conference and tries to reconstruct the progression of events. Finally, the “police” reveal the case and tell the end of the story.

Driving force for new structures

Crime Time is not only about exchanging knowledge – but much more about decoding the different characters. Just because a character knows something about the perpetrator, it doesn’t mean he/she will reveal it. The various stories are formed by the different personal motives.

These realisations are also applicable to everyday working life in order to create structures for the exchange of information. The final reflexion in the team serves this purpose.

Additional variants of Crime Time

The team event Crime Time is also possible as a pure online event. With this, every single person can take part from home office. If you would like to produce more of an atmosphere at a location, our Criminal Dinner could also be an option for you.

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  • 5–1.000
  • 90 minutes
  • Hybrid
  • Worldwide
  • Year round
  • German English
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