Horse Race - galloping to the we-feeling

  • 10 – 200
  • 60 minutes
  • Face to Face
Attention, jockeys! The trial gallop is over and the horses are on their way to the starting line. Will you manage to get your horse to give its top performance? Or will your horse just be a blender? As a quick, simple and entertaining team event, »Horse Race« brings life into team sessions, company parties or meetings. It can be used to loosen up the situation as a short game in between, and at the same time bring important impulses into the team.
Horse Race – galloping to the we-feeling

The concept

Small teams of three to five colleagues will play with and against each other. The races will be watched on a big screen and all those present watch in anticipation. The teams decide what they are going to do before each of the six races.

Should your own horse be trained? Will you bet on one of the horses? Or will you secretly sabotage one of the opposing teams? Strategic thinking, team playing and a dash willingness to take risks are the ingredients for success!

Pferderennen physisch kleines Motiv

Short game duration

The team event »Horse Race«, which takes 30-60 minutes, is ideal for finishing off a team meeting or as a break event. The simple set up and the easily explained rules make for a short practice run.

Team strengthening

In mutual agreement, the teams have to decide before each new round whether their strategy is promising or whether they need to go in a different direction. This strengthens team building and an agile way of working.

The technology

The team event »Horse Race« can easily be played in a browser and without an installation. Each team logs themselves on over their own phones and everyone is there straight away. The races can be followed – as a loving animated 3D world – on the big screen.

Rather online?

Sometimes there are situations where the team can’t come together. But we also have a solution for this, as the Horse Race can also be played as an online team event. Also as a hybrid event where the teams are physically together in small groups.

Or would you prefer a varied evening with quizzes, games, music and good entertainment – a tried and tested classic among company celebrations. Now the feel-good character is carried through space and time, as we have further developed our game show as a hybrid company event. A shared experience for the entire company, even if the teams are at different locations.

At a glance


  • 10 – 200
  • 60 minutes
  • Face to Face
  • Germany, EU and Switzerland
  • Year round
  • German, English
  • Indoor
Professional reflection for your team development
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Trill through maximum entertainment
Thrilling team spirit doesn’t arise from brainwork, not individually at a desk – but through doing things, through community, through the contagious feelings of the colleagues.

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