Chat and snack – the Christmas online Gourmet Quiz

  • 5–2.000
  • 90-180 minutes
  • Virtual
What else could better put a team in a cosy and overjoyed mood than delicious tasters? Our Christmas Gourmet Quiz is a perfect start to an online Christmas party. Especially nice: as it is taking place at home, children and grandparents can also try…
The Christmas online Gourmet Quiz

The concept

The Christmas online Gourmet Quiz starts with every participant being sent their own gourmet packet. At the online team event itself, there will be thinking, tasting and smelling together: where do the recipes for the single gourmet snacks come from? Which ingredients are in the products? What is the tradition behind it? Through this, lively exchanges arise in a happy Christmas atmosphere.

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Unique programme for you

No, we don’t want to reveal our specially chosen gourmet snacks just yet! You are very welcome to add your individual concept. And we also create the programme especially for you. It is important to know for example, whether your team members would like to play individually or in remote teams.

The course of events

The gourmet packets are sent the week before the online Christmas party. We run a technical test on the day of the party. One of our presenters greets the guests and accompanies them with the first taster in the gourmet packet to get everyone into the party mood. The quiz consists of multiple rounds so that there is time in between to socialise! The quiz ends with a prize ceremony.

What happens next?

After the quiz, a small online party often develops, much like it traditionally does at all of the Christmas parties you’ve had before. We will happily advise you in advance on technical or content-related questions. Just get in contact with us!

This is how the technology works

There is no software installation necessary for the Christmas online Gourmet Quiz, the participants only need internet access. Ideally, you already have an online meeting tool available such as MS Teams or Zoom. We will happily support you and your team members individually with all technical questions!

Important notice:

Please note, this event requires 15 working days lead time!

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  • 5–2.000
  • 90-180 minutes
  • Virtual
  • Year round
  • German, English
  • Worldwide
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