Team training online – create closeness despite physical distance

  • up to 50
  • from 240 minutes
  • Virtual
How do you lead from a distance? How do colleagues work together from home office? The current situation has presented teams big, new and special challenges, no question about it. From many conversations with our customers, we know that in some places, the team achievement has lowered, conflicts have emerged or the team spirit has just been lost. An online team training helps to restore the team structure.
Team training online – create closeness despite physical distance
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Team training online – this is what it’s all about!

At the moment, there are many lone fighters in the working world. It’s all about making teams out of you again! As the end of the day, a team is always more efficient and successful than many lone fighters, especially when it comes to larger projects.

Exactly now, in this sensitive and unsure time, it is more important than ever to build up or strengthen trust. Our online events and online team training are exactly designed for this, so that an emotional connection arises again and that everyone feels part of a group.

After long breaks and periods in home office, many team processes are now beginning again – this should be reflected on and accompanied. Furthermore, team training is the ideal environment to reflect how individual work works: how do you lead a team in home office? Which strategies, tools and rules are there for remote teams?

Get your team fit again with online team training! Emerge strengthened from the crisis and be the decisive steps ahead of your competitors.


Does it also work personally?

Yes – and as a hybrid team event! We will happily advise you on carrying out team training, taking into consideration the compulsory distancing and hygiene measures. Just talk to us!



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Frequently asked Questions

How does online team training work?

The BITOU team training always consists of three phases:

  • Taking stock
  • Active part
  • Reflection

For the active part, you can pick one of our online team events, like the virtual escape game “Beat the Hacker”, the online simulation “Aventure Everest”, or also our creative team building classic “Chain Reaction” as a virtual team event.

What is the reflection for?

The professional reflection concentrates specifically on the individual team dynamic. It makes it especially possible for those in leading positions to concentrate fully on their role in the team during the online team training, and also on their possible own perception filters or blockages. This increases the chances to really transfer the recognised optimisation potential to everyday life.


Who gives us advice concerning technology?

Of course, we will answer and discuss all questions and eventualities relating to the meeting software and necessary technical requirements for seamless team training well before the online event, so that the team training can run without a hitch.

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  • up to 50
  • from 240 minutes
  • Virtual
  • Worldwide
  • Year round
  • German, English
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