Lars Nebe

Organization developer, scrum master and agile coach
important stations
  • 15 years of agile working
  • 7 years executive
  • 6 years agile consulting / coaching
Lars Nebe
Deutschlandkarte Berlin
Sprachen dt. / eng.

„No change without change“

About me

“Working teams are my primary measure of success”.

As a Scrum Master and Agile Coach, I support teams in integrating agility into their everyday work in such a way that they can actually achieve an impact with it.
It is especially important to me that agile tools are always just tools and solutions, but never ends in themselves. That means: no change without a common understanding of the problem to be solved.
This is where my work as a team and organizational coach comes in. We explore together which challenges stand in the way of the team’s success and learn how agile approaches can help to overcome them. We then try out the then customized solutions in practice and continuously improve them based on the experience gained.

If necessary, I also slip into the role of a trainer, because: Agility does not mean arbitrariness and chaos but requires discipline, passion and permanent practice.


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