Linda Theurer

Organisational and consciousness development
important stations
  • 2011 - 2016 Change Management Schwarz Group
  • 2017 Independence and development transformation program
  • 2019 Consciousness development
Linda Theurer
Deutschlandkarte Karlsruhe
Sprachen dt. / eng.

„If you employ people, you have to deal with people“

About me

I am not a teacher, not a trainer, not a consultant: the experts always sit opposite me
do not give answers – I ask questions and create clarity
adapt to my clients, their time and their issues
do not sell methods and tools – I use them
keep an overview and recognise cause/effect
I act as a servant leader and love people
I am modest, uplifting and appreciative
quickly establish a climate of trust
spare myself as quickly as possible
I am open, clear, transparent and honest
I am a bridge builder, solution finder and implementer
focus on sustainable added value



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