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Team development – does my company need it?

650,000 people in Germany are on the hunt for a new job – even though they already have one! Imagine if you were in this situation yourself: at the end of the day or durning your lunch break pulling out your smartphone to check the job offers in your region. Are you open to having a conversation with your colleagues to contribute to a good relationship? Sometimes making an extra trip to the bakery next door to get pretzels for everyone? Or to work overtime because you realise it is necessary – in the hopes that your efforts are recognised? Exactly. And that is why your company needs team development.

Modern leadership thinks about team development

The number above comes from a study from the Gallup Institute for market and opinion research. The scientists reveal that emotional connection is developed in the immediate work environment – or also not. The company culture and the behaviour from management have a direct influence on this.

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Team building influences the business

Motivated, engaged colleagues that identify with the company use their working time productively. Strong teams are therefore a warrantor for successful companies.

What is the difference between team building and team development?

Team building is important above all for new and young teams. From the beginning of the process: it is about forming a team out of completely independent people who are prepared to work together. The most important requisite for this is trust. This is why team building is often the equivalent to a company trip to rope climbing gardens or team events such as bridge building. This is not always enough! In many jobs, it is not only important to like each other, but also to have the strengths of others present in everyday life, to make correct judgements and to sustainably trust them. Team development can hep with this, to unfold the full potential of a team.

This is what the science says

According to a Gallup study from May 2014, only 16 percent of all employees really engage themselves actively with their company. The rest “sleep walk” through their working hours or even make their colleagues’ work more difficult. And it gets even more confronting: almost 70 percent of all workers in Germany have hardly any emotional connection to their boss, and have already resigned internally.

Between the 15th February and the 15th March, 1000 workers from 18 years of age were surveyed for the Gallup Engagement Index 2019. According to Gallup, the results are representative of the workforce in Germany.

What is BITOU team development?

BITOU’s team development aim is that your employees feel comfortable in the company. For this, we create experiences that connect – and are formed for them to have an after effect in the team. We strengthen the competencies of single team members and the whole group, in relation to communication for example, and support teams to improve the structures of their work together.

Our team development promotes the motivation and communication. The joint tackling of tasks in a team welds your colleagues together. Experiences outside of the day to day office life connect the team emotionally. This is how we make sure that your colleagues are engaged in your company.