Future Farming with Fendt – What does the future of agriculture look like?

Future Farming with Fendt – What does the future of agriculture look like?
Future Farming with Fendt - What does the future of agriculture look like?

Future Farming with Fendt

Why are individually organized events more effective?

This event with over 200 participants demonstrates the uniqueness of individually designed events compared to standard solutions, as the example of one of our customers, Fendt, clearly shows.

In several sessions (online and in person), a concept was developed together with Fendt’s managers. The aim was to harmonize the specific knowledge of the employees about the products with the topic “Farming of the future” and the ideas about the development of the market.

We at BITOU assisted with the conceptual development, but also with the operational implementation and realization on site. We moderated and coordinated the entire project, creating an unforgettable experience that engaged the participants at all levels.

An individual team event often involves conveying company-specific content to employees and teams. At BITOU, we provide support in bringing together the client’s individual content and the possibilities of software implementation. The project also had to be adapted to the local conditions and professionally moderated and guided on site.

Active modules such as our Smart Challenge or Across the Hotel and Future Farming (City) are the focus and offer company-specific topics and content specially adapted by us. These events not only serve to deepen content, but also to implement participants’ creative ideas and visions. Networking and cohesion are also reflected in the formats.

The participants work in several teams on various challenges, with the focus on exchanging ideas and working on current business issues. The focus is not only on technical aspects, but also on creative elements such as building a future farming landscape, creating sketches or videos to present innovative ideas.

One outstanding example was the final presentation of the impressive Future Farming Model, which illustrated the commitment of the participants and the future direction of Fendt in agriculture.

The management was more than enthusiastic about the innovations developed by its employees and repeatedly praised the results and skills of the teams. The result was a valuable basis that has created added value for further work in this area.
Without this conceptual solution, it would not have been possible to achieve this number of high-quality results in such a short space of time.

The event highlighted the importance of teamwork, creativity and forward thinking and emphasized how these activities can be applied to day-to-day work. Thanks to the excellent cooperation between Fendt and BITOU, the conclusion was characterized by great satisfaction, unity and a clear focus on future projects to ensure the successful integration of all participants.


Through these individual events, the participants were able to take away numerous impulses that promote their personal and professional development:

1. Strengthening teamwork: Working in different team constellations, especially from different areas such as customer service, project management, production, management, etc., promoted exchange and cooperation among colleagues, strengthened the sense of community and the ability to work effectively in heterogeneous teams.

2. Creativity and innovation: The creative tasks promoted the development of innovative approaches in the agriculture of the future and encouraged the creative thinking of the participants to find new solutions.

3. Deepening company-specific knowledge: Dealing with current topics such as water scarcity, climate change, sustainability and challenges facing the company enabled participants to deepen their knowledge and identify more strongly with the company’s goals.

4. Communication skills: The joint construction of different Future Farming models, which were brought together at the end to form a large-scale farm, demonstrated in a playful way exactly where the interfaces are. Presenting ideas trained the participants’ communication skills and improved their ability to communicate visions, ideas and projects convincingly.

5. Future-oriented thinking: In the individualized Smart Challenge, future-oriented issues in agriculture were incorporated in order to use the participants’ visions in their later everyday work. The development of a future farming model helped the participants to deal with future-oriented topics and develop innovative solutions for future challenges.

6. Adaptivity and flexibility: Working under time pressure and with changing tasks such as changing weather conditions like drought, heavy rain, etc. promoted the participants’ ability to adapt quickly to new situations and react flexibly to changes.

7. Pride and motivation: An impressive Future Farming landscape was created within two hours, which boosted self-confidence for the tasks ahead. The resulting video recordings can be used again and again by the employees as motivators in their everyday work.

8. Feedback: The positive feedback from the management as well as from our trainers and facilitators and the joint achievement of impressive results strengthened the self-confidence and motivation of the participants to continue to engage in the changing process of farming in a committed and innovative manner.

These various stimuli help the participants to expand their personal skills and positively influence their professional behavior, which ultimately leads to better performance and satisfaction in their day-to-day work.


Future Farming


  • Content – Fendt: Employees, products, market

  • Didactics / learning motivators – BITOU: How do I lead large groups, how do I get everyone to work together in a team?

  • Tools – BITOU: Haptic construction, software

Why individualizations increase team spirit

Customization plays a crucial role in strengthening team spirit. Whether it’s through your own branding for a recognizable and unique image or by adapting the content of our team events and team developments – we offer you a comprehensive range of tailor-made solutions for your specific company requirements. This also includes the redesign of team events that are specifically tailored to your needs.

Many of our team events can easily be held outdoors, giving you additional flexibility. Through individual adaptations, we not only promote the identification of your employees with your company, but also enable a targeted discussion of your specific topics and challenges.

In a detailed consultation, we work with you to determine how we can implement your individual requirements to create an unforgettable team experience. These customized approaches ensure that team members feel more connected to the company’s goals and values, leading to increased motivation and improved team cohesion.

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