How “Adventure Everest” became “Adventure Crap Sogn Gion

How “Adventure Everest” became “Adventure Crap Sogn Gion
Adventure Everest in Laax at 2700 m altitude

Adventure Everest in Laax at 2700 m altitude

Do you know the Crap Sogn Gion? This is not an exotic drink, but a Swiss mountain ridge. And what does all this have to do with Mount Everest? Let’s start from the beginning: Usually we conduct our simulation “Adventure Everest” in a conference room (hotel or company). This time, however, we picked a special location. We have chosen the Crap Sogn Gion, the local mountain of Laax in Switzerland, to get the participants* in the right mood for the ascent of Mount Everest.

The participants were on the 2700 m high mountain in the base camp, so to speak. The gondola station in Laax served as the event location and, together with the decoration, provided the right mountain feeling. “Adventure Everest” is a simulation for team development around the topics of psychological safety, teamwork and conflict management. The choice of location in Laax not only enhanced the mountain feeling, but also helped to consolidate the new mission statement in the teams and strengthen the psychological safety of the participants*. As an additional feature, the participants were invited to secure further resources outside the location by solving extra tasks.


Abenteur Everest

The three core values of appreciation, trust and communication should be incorporated into the event and internalized by the participants. Thematically, the team development measure was to be linked to the location and “advancement”. In addition, a new mission and vision statement was to be presented to the participants.

During the event, which took place against a breathtaking backdrop, we playfully addressed the three core values of appreciation, trust and communication. In the debriefing, we reflected on the results and showed how we can transfer the learnings to our everyday work. We also incorporated the mission statement on people, order, communication, creativity and community into “Adventure Everest“.

With “Adventure Everest“, the three core values can be specifically integrated:

  1. Appreciation arises through openness and transparency among the different groups. How are successes and failures dealt with in relation to the planned use of resources?
  2. Trust is formed in the following situations: How are the necessary competencies and tasks distributed within the team so that all areas of responsibility can be assumed? How do teams work together, complement each other with competencies and resources, and at what step in the game? Are teams excluded and what are the different objectives?
  3. The bridge to communication is built via collaboration: At what point do teams exchange information and what information is shared? Is there motivation in the teams and how are decisions made? Is criticism voiced and, if so, how is it dealt with? In these questions, communication within the individual groups is just as important as cross-team exchange.

With this extraordinary event, we were able to meet all expectations. The groups quickly found each other and supported each other. The final speeches of thanks were very emotional and many beaming faces filled the room. With our team development module “Adventure Everest” we were able to shake up a new mindset among the participants and pave the way for successful further work.

We would like to thank the Psychiatric Services Graubünden for the unforgettable day!

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