How the individualization of the chain reaction XXL became a full team success

How the individualization of the chain reaction XXL became a full team success
Chain reaction XXL in Berlin with Deutsche Telekom


Imagine you are in a room with 1999 colleagues and you are all working together on a chain reaction that works in the end. You can’t? Yes, it does! The XXL chain reaction is not one of our most successful and customizable team event formats for nothing. With the “Chain Reaction XXL“, you not only involve all employees in an overarching project, you can also tailor this event to your needs and individualize it with us according to your ideas. We’ll show you how this works in the following example with Deutsche Telekom.

For Deutsche Telekom we realized a chain reaction XXL with a total of 2000 executives at the Messe Berlin. The task? To make the new service strategy of the company tangible for the colleagues. For this, we completely adapted the contents of the service strategy to the team event.

In total, we have prepared 32 special effects for Chain Reaction XXL. Among them, for example, a shopping cart that automatically and symbolically collects various products such as routers, phones and cell phones as a result of the chain reaction. Each effect represented one of the service qualities. Six teams each had the task of incorporating these effects into their section of the chain reaction and positioning them in such a way that they were strikingly visible to everyone at the end. When, after the exciting set-up work, the chain reaction was finally kicked off, the XXL chain set off and successfully passed each individual chain link or service quality. Goosebumps feeling included.

  1. Briefing of the topics that should be made effective
  2. Brainstorming for implementation (2 weeks)
  3. After detailed consultation, handcrafted implementation in our workshop: Programming, electrics, electronics, mechanical components (8 weeks).
  4. Test and trial setup (2 weeks)
  5. Documentation for the participants (1 week)
  6. Packing and transport (2 days)
  7. On-site preparation at the Berlin trade fair (2 days)
  8. Assisting participants with set-up during the event
  9. Start of the chain reaction
  10. Grand finale with WOW effect

By individualizing the special effects, we anchored the service qualities in the executives in a playful way and created a company-specific experience that the participants remembered. By having everyone work on a common project with a common goal in mind, we were not only able to strengthen the “we” feeling but also promote cohesion and commitment among the executives. The impressive size of the chain reaction also provided the wow effect.

We would like to thank Deutsche Telekom for this exciting assignment!

Whether it’s your own branding for a recognizable and individual appearance, the individualization of the content of our team events and team developments or the redesign of team events, we offer you the entire range of individual solutions for your company-specific event. Individualizations not only increase the identification of your employees with your company, but also enable a more detailed treatment of your individual topics. In a detailed consultation, we will work with you to find out how we can implement your individual requirements and create an unforgettable team experience.

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