Smart Challenge Individual: The Onboarding of a Special Kind

Smart Challenge Individual: The Onboarding of a Special Kind
Smart Challenge together with Passepartout for Novo Nordisk

Smart Challenge together with Passepartout for Novo Nordisk

Do you know this? You have exactly three minutes to convince your counterpart of your merits. Now you need speed, concentration and eloquence. With our Smart Challenge, we trained precisely these skills as part of a special onboarding program. The new sales representatives of a large pharmaceutical company face this challenge every day: To deliver the perfect elevator pitch to convince in a short time. You can read about how we used our Smart Challenge to do this here.

The sales force of a large pharmaceutical company was to be given new impetus for sales in doctors’ practices. How can the sales force convince the doctor of the advantages of the product in three minutes? Three minutes is the average time window available to sales representatives. The first hurdle is the receptionist, whom the sales force must convince with two sentences in order to be allowed to see the doctor. From then on, the three minutes begin in which success and failure are so close together.

In close cooperation with the event agency Passepartout, we developed an onboarding concept in which the field staff could practice this challenging everyday situation in a playful way. Via a smart app, the participants* checked in at nine destinations worldwide. At the “check-in counters”, the participants* had three minutes each to solve challenging tasks. For each successful check-in, the participants received a stamp in their virtual passport. The highlight was that we incorporated the company’s own products and everyday situations into all the tasks. In a playful way, the team members learned about and applied various options for making the best and most profitable use of their three minutes at the doctor’s office.

In addition to the ability to convince in a short time, it was also necessary to bring the new employees together and create a sense of unity within the sales force. One of the tasks was to conquer various castles in the city, which were displayed in the smart app via augmented reality. The teams had to defend their own castles and capture free castles. To do this, they visited various real locations in the city and solved tricky tasks there in order to capture the castles. Skillful action and a clever strategy were required to avoid the attacks of the opposing teams. As a result, the participants got to know each other better and, along the way, explored the city, which was also the company’s headquarters.

We thank Passepartout for the cooperation and Novo Nordisk for the exciting challenge.

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